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2014 Outcomes & Success Stories

  • P.J. Henson, Class of 2012

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Medical Student: As a standout soccer player in high school, P.J. Henson, ’12, was pursued by university soccer programs across the U.S. After a car accident left him with extensive injuries that would require years of reconstructive surgery, the recruiting efforts stopped. With one exception: Emory & Henry.

  • Will Garrison, Class of 2010

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Visionary Leadership: Will Garrison considers himself an innovator. A missile systems engineer with Boeing’s U.S. Missile Defense Program, Garrison is part of a visionary team working to develop new products and technologies to enhance U.S. national security measures.

  • Olivia Bailey, Class of 2015

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Informed Journalist: Olivia Bailey’s dream of becoming a reporter began with “The Funky Monkey,” the school newspaper she created and distributed during fifth grade. As a student enrolled in Emory & Henry’s mass communications department, she is a step closer to reaching her lifelong goal.

  • Jason Hill, Class of 2014

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Community Leader: For Jason Hill, the opportunity to attend college has opened up a world of possibilities he never imagined growing up. As the first person in his family to graduate from high school and go to college, Hill overcame difficult circumstances to enroll at Emory & Henry, where he is a standout football player and outstanding student leader.

  • Jessica Daddio, Class of 2013

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Travel Editor: As travel editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, Daddio writes articles, shoots photos and produces videos covering travel and adventure opportunities throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

  • Erick Long, Class of 1991

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Star Power: For Erick Long, there is no typical day at the office. As senior vice president of operations & events for the Academy of Country Music (ACM), Long’s responsibilities range from a last-minute request to transform an office into a music studio for a visiting artist to organizing an ACM charity event to overseeing logistics for the star-studded bash known as Country Music’s Party of the Year—the annual Academy of Country Music Awards show.

  • Elizabeth Gentry, Class of 2014

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Scientific Research: For Elizabeth Gentry, class of 2014, the chance to work elbow-to-elbow with faculty researchers and practice real-world scientific skills and techniques has been a highlight of her academic experience at Emory & Henry.

  • Alexandra Veatch, Class of 2010

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Sales Manager: Alexandra Veatch is passionate about Emory & Henry. During her years as a student, she devoted time and energy to strengthening the campus community she considered home. Her leadership roles including serving as editor-in-chief of The Whitetopper (the campus newspaper), a member of the Emory Activities Board and a head resident advisor. The activities were more than just a fun social outlet for Veatch. They also were critical learning experiences that extended her education beyond the classroom.

  • Adrian Myer, Class of 2014

    image 23 Jan, 2014| by btreash Urban Developer: Adrian Myer believes that everyone has a responsibility to take care of others and to strengthen their communities. That value has been reinforced at Emory & Henry, where he has participated in service projects for Habitat for Humanity and Project Glade, a revitalization project for Glade Spring, Va. His experiences both in and out of the classroom have motivated him to pursue a career that will allow him to “have an impact on people’s lives.”

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