Experiential Learning

Our program will employ multiple experiential training activities and opportunities. Experiential activities are vital to assist students in concretizing didactic material and the critical application of that information. Beginning in their first week, students will accompany faculty in evaluating and managing patients at the Mel Leaman Free Clinic at Emory & Henry College, located right on our School of Health Sciences campus in Marion, VA. Students will continue to participate in these activities throughout their first year of training. Students will also be involved in simulated patient encounters in our School of Health Sciences simulation suite. As with the Mel Leaman Free Clinic experiences, standardized patient and high-fidelity simulation mannequin experiences are woven throughout the didactic phase of the program. After the didactic phase of training, students will progress into their clinical phase of training, completing 15 months of Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences (SCPE). Given the amount of first year experiences, we fully anticipate our students to be among the best prepared PA students entering into their clinical phase of training.

In summary, our experiential training includes:

  • Patient encounter activities in the Mel Leaman Free Clinic (beginning in week one of the didactic phase)
  • Standardized Patient Simulation Activities (integrated within every clinical medicine module)
  • High-Fidelity Simulation Mannequin Activities (integrated within many clinical medicine modules)
  • 15 months of Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences


Our Simulation Suite

Our state-of-the-art simulation lab suite, pictured below, is now being built. The suite will include 10 fully-equipped patient examination rooms. Seven of the rooms will be set-up as outpatient encounter examination rooms, just as you would see in a medical practice. Three of the rooms will be set-up as fully-equipped hospital rooms.

SHS Simulation Suite.png

One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it you have no certainty, until you try.


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The great difficulty of education is to get experience out of ideas.

George Santayana

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