Meet Our Team


Clinic Staff

Michael R. Armbrister, MA, Executive Director: 87o4X.d=LSr*V0Bk!wR~iY/uhG`C]#[W{bt8}T-cG`~Ks!^e]2kSHsYq3S%

Kristi Dowell, Receptionist: !#tOJGL9R+1|nI~82BjlpXMm&76]#[kjdG+05TFt#qW+qxr|WV_B-vs*x

Amanda Fleenor, MPAS, PA-C, Full-Time Medical Provider

Denise Howe, CNA, Executive Assistant: [VN}_Wa4-v1idS?xz0kZhID|L]#[@?=uEnU|%ktPW5{\gtZDLR0o0

Lisa Mitchell, LPN, Clinic Nurse: tNe5{HJm8CvS[$}I`'6slb]AOBEMY]#[a8O*_-+Z!ZjAUuf+ShvWYLL%/K1@A

Debbie Williams, Patient Advocate: gTnliaF_VP*0hIR[|13e'~5D?{O#p]#[LLXYVK~MJgxxb=7BoqsIoh~*y*?xX


Volunteer Medical Providers

James Patterson, MD, Medical Director

Barbara Armbrister, RT   •   Betsy Hall, RN   •   Deresa Hall, DNP

Harry Howe, PA-C   •   Thomas Martin, LPC, MA   •   Jim McDowell, MD

Scott Richards, PA-C   •   Paddie Scott, RN   •   Sam Vernon, MD


Clinic Volunteers

Joyce Cullop   •   Patty Hayes   •   Sarah Staley


Our Board of Directors


Harry Howe, MDiv, PA-C, NREMT-P, Chairperson   •   Cathy Loving Maine, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, Vice-Chair

Avery Cornett, Treasurer   •   Dayle Zanzinger, NP, Secretary

James Patterson, MD, Medical Director    


Elizabeth Bruzzo, Esq.   •   Laura Hutton   •   Jane Leaman

Angie Osborne, MLT, Tech Specialist    •    Mike Rouse     


Scott Richards, PhD, PA-C, Operational/Clinical Consultant

Emory, Va. Campus: P.O. Box 947, Emory, Va. 24327 (map)    276.944.4121
Marion, Va. Campus: 565 Radio Hill Rd., Marion, Va. 24354 (map)    276.944.6342 ·  276.781.7200

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