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Posted on: Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 by Christopher Qualls

Recently, the Pre-Health Club published the 2015 edition of the Pre-Health Handbook! This new edition gives students a valuable source of information and guidance when planning their professional futures in healthcare. In addition to advice on choosing a career and course planning by year, the handbook provides information specific to each profession, like which prerequisites are required to apply for a program. Each section details the requirements for entry into a graduate program, as well as advice on picking internships and obtaining letters of recommendation. It is important that students who are planning on entering graduate programs read the corresponding pages in the Pre-Health Handbook.

I wanted to create the Pre-Health Handbook for our current, and prospective students, to provide them with an overview of the many opportunities that are available across the healthcare professions.


Dr. Chris Qualls
Pre-Health Director

The Handbook is divided into specific sections for each health profession. Each section begins with an overview of the profession in case readers are just beginning to decide which careers they might want to pursue. Next, there is information on the necessary undergraduate preparation for acceptance into graduate schools. This includes the most common prerequisite course requirements as well as minimum GPA requirements. After that, there is information about the application process, which often involves taking an entrance exam like the Graduate Record Exam or Medical College Admission Test.

Health professions...

One of the most helpful parts of the Handbook is a timeline for each profession that students may follow during their own application process. It includes dates specific to each health profession, such as when to take standardized tests, deadlines for common applications, and when to expect acceptance letters. The timeline also details personal dates for seeking summer internships and research experiences as well as discussing goals with your academic advisor. The timeline for each profession begins two years before graduation: it is never too soon to begin preparing for entrance into a graduate program. Keep in mind that the timeline is a suggested one, but one that is very useful when trying to decide how to realistically and effectively plan remaining undergraduate years.

This Handbook was specifically created for Emory & Henry students, so there is an emphasis on prerequisite courses available here as well as a focus on the graduate programs that Emory & Henry students pursue most frequently. For these reasons, the handbook allows Emory & Henry students to have direct access to the materials, deadlines, and recommendations that are most applicable and beneficial to them and their academic preparedness.



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