The Value of Attending Open Houses

Posted on: Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 by Christopher Qualls

Attending an open house as an undergraduate student is an integral step in deciding which profession and graduate program is right for you. Each year, graduate schools across the healthcare fields plan open houses, often referred to as informational sessions, and invite prospective undergraduate students to learn about their programs and experience what it would be like to attend.

If you are interested in a certain profession, it is important to start looking early at which schools would be the best fit for you. Looking at graduate programs online is helpful in planning which prerequisites you need to take and being aware of deadlines, but visiting the individual schools, is by far the best way to choose where you would like to earn your graduate education.

Attending an open house at the Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy with Dr. Qualls not only gave me valuable insight into the process of applying to pharmacy school, but it also helped me solidify my decision to pursue pharmacy as a career.


Emily Halsey

In order to take advantage of attending as many open houses as possible, view the new Emory & Henry Pre-Health Program website for upcoming open houses and informational session events. Because the events calendar is tailored to Emory & Henry students, many of the open house dates are located at graduate programs in our region. If multiple students are interested in particular programs in the area, the Pre-Health Advisor Dr. Qualls plans to organize small group trips to the various open houses.

Open house dates are scheduled throughout the summer months and into the fall semester, so make sure to look at the website's events tab as soon as possible to take advantage of open houses that are happening in the near future. If you are interested in an open house that is scheduled for the upcoming fall semester, Dr. Qualls may be able to attend the event with you along with other Emory & Henry students. Visiting graduate programs is beneficial in itself, but having an advisor and peers with you from your school, likely having questions and concerns similar to your own, can make the experience even more informative and worthwhile.

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