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  • Library 101: Last-Minute Research Help and Christmas History

    03 Dec, 2014 | by jkirby As you are reading this, regular classes will soon be over and finals will begin. For those of you who have some last-minute assignments or who have begged extensions on papers, the library is open with librarians standing by to provide research help. Our electronic databases with full text options may be the best way to find those last minute sources. We have extended our evening hours until 1AM beginning Tuesday, Dec. 9, to provide some late night study space. The cafeteria will bring in cookies and caffeine to keep your energy up.  Read More

  • Library 101: Thanksgiving

    19 Nov, 2014 | by jkirby As we all start looking forward to Thanksgiving next week, eating too much turkey, watching the traditional football rivalries, and getting together with family and friends, have you ever considered “how did we get here”? The story of Thanksgiving, as taught in elementary school with Pilgrims and Indians, turkey, corn and pumpkin pie, is really just one version of a celebration that originated on the American continent. How the Pilgrims and their harvest celebration became so strongly associated with our modern version of the day is a matter of much speculation.  Read More

  • Library 101: World War I and Armistice Day

    05 Nov, 2014 | by jkirby On November 11 we will be celebrating Veterans Day. It was established in 1919 by President Wilson and was originally known as Armistice Day, a day to remember the end of World War I, the war to end all wars.  Read More

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