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  • Library 101: Spotlight on Graphic Novels

    Did you know that Kelly Library has a collection of graphic novels? To coincide with the theatrical release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this week we’ll spotlight some titles featuring the red, white, and blue hero. Continue Reading

  • Library 101: President's Day

    A couple of our most revered presidents have birthdays this month, George Washington on February 22nd and Abraham Lincoln on the 12th. The Federal Government combined the two birthdays into one in 1971 when a law was passed to create uniform Monday holidays that gave federal employees 3-day weekends. The new holiday was set for the third Monday in February and this year we celebrated Presidents Day on the 17th. Continue Reading

  • Library 101 February, National Heart Month

    February is a month that commemorates many worthy subjects. One of them is National Heart Month celebrating the 50th anniversary of its creation by President Lyndon Johnson. Continue Reading