Finalizing Financial Aid

To finalize financial aid, students should review their financial aid notice and determine the types of aid being utilized. A student's financial aid eligibility is subject to change based on the financial information from verification, funding from other resources (outside scholarships, for example), or changes in level of enrollment.

  • Students need to be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 hours per semester for undergraduate students) in order for the financial aid award to remain at the maximum level.

  • Students must notify the financial aid office (in writing or by email) with the source and amount of each outside scholarship. Students must also send copies of any notification which indicates the E&H financial office must submit proof of enrollment or a billing statement in order for outside funds to be released to student accounts.

  • Students selected for verification must complete the verification process in order for financial aid awards to be official. Federal Title IV aid and need-based state or institutional funds will not be released to student accounts until verification is completed.