Refund of Excess Funds

The Student Accounts Coordinator posts credits to all student accounts after enrollment has been confirmed and the financial aid staff has released the student's financial aid funds. Students or parents have the option of retaining any credit on the student's account. 

Student funds are only released to student accounts upon completion of the financial aid file, including verification if required, confirmation of enrollment at the end of the add/drop period, and receipt of outside funds from the funding source. 

Many students borrow extra funds to pay for books or other expenses. Some commuter students borrow funds for living expenses. All are eager to have any excess funds refunded to them. The student account staff will not issue refunds until actual funds have been received and disbursed to the student's account in excess of the direct costs.

Funds may be delayed for a number of reasons. Students that have completed all paperwork, including loan promissory notes and entrance loan counseling, should expect funds to be disbursed to their accounts within two to four weeks after the beginning of the semester.

Excess Refund Policy

The student or parent—depending on source of loans—can either direct the excess funds to be retained on the student account until further written notice or request an automatic refund.  This can be accomplished by completing the Student Account Authorization and Retain Statement form included in the Financial Aid packet and returning it to the Centralized Student Assistance (CSA) Office.  You may also obtain this form from the CSA Office (Wiley 101).

A weekly report of credit balances is generated in the CSA Office and vouchers for refunds are processed by noon on Wednesday for a check to be issued by Friday of the same week.  Students are encouraged to submit an E-check request form to the Business Office (Wiley 131) in order to have a check electronically deposited into their personal bank account.  If there is no E-check form request on file, the check is placed in the student's campus mailbox (or mailed to the student's home address upon request).

Refund checks for parent loans are mailed to the parent's home address on file unless the parent requests that the student should receive the refund.