Exit Loan Counseling

Stafford Loan

Every graduating senior or student leaving Emory & Henry College, who received a federal Stafford loan while attending Emory & Henry College, is required to complete an exit interview.Students can satisfy this requirement by completing online exit counseling or scheduling an appointment to speak in person with the College's loan coordinator.

The online exit interview can be accessed at mappingyourfuture.org, under the Student Loan Borrowers tab. Complete the  Online Student Loan Counseling to complete Stafford exit counseling. Be sure to complete steps 1 through 6 and submit your information, printing the confirmation page for your records.


Perkins Loan

Students that received a Perkins loan while attending Emory & Henry College must also complete exit loan counseling for Perkins Loanl. Students can satisfy this requirement by completing the exit loan counseling at http://www.mycampusloan.com/.

It is important students begin repaying loans promptly. Remember: students are to notify the lender of completion of studies at Emory & Henry College and of changes in address, enrollment, and employment. The repaying your student debt information sheet provides tips for students.

Students can schedule appointments to meet with financial aid staff or attend group sessions to learn more about repaying student debt.

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