Return of Title IV Funds

Students that withdraw before the end of a semester, depending upon the length of your enrollment, may see a portion of federal Title IV funds returned to the U. S. Department of Education or lender as directed by federal regulations.

Students that withdraw or take a leave of absence from school before the end of a semester should immediately notify the Dean of Student's Office and complete the withdrawal process. Each day a student is categorized as enrolled will affect the charges on the student's account and available financial aid available to pay those charges.

Remember, it is possible for a student to be fully charged by the College for tuition, room and board, and have a portion or all of your federal Title IV funds returned to their source. As a result, students could have a balance due to the College.

For information about proration of charges, see the Refund Policy in the academic catalog.  For more information about return of federal Title IV funds please contact the Financial Aid Office.