Net Cost Calculator

Emory & Henry College is pleased to offer you this net cost calculator to help you understand what your likely net costs will be for the  academic year.

Emory & Henry College is pleased to offer you Net Cost service to help you understand what your likely net costs and/or scholarship awards will be for the academic year.

All colleges and universities are required to publish the total estimated cost of attendance, including tuition, room, board (meal plan) and a reasonable estimate of personal expenses such as books, supplies — even “travel funds” so you can get back and forth to home during semester breaks.

You can reduce your costs for some expenses. For example, many students rent textbooks or shop online and save up to 75% of college bookstore prices. By doing this, a typical science major might spend a total of $400 for an entire year rather than $750–$1,000. There are also various meal plans and residence hall choices. The net cost calculator uses a standard meal plan and standard double-occupancy, air-conditioned residence hall. Your actual costs might be lower or higher, depending upon your specific situation and the choices you ultimately make for a meal plan, residence hall room, and source for textbooks.

Please remember that this is an estimate and the accuracy of the results depend upon what information you (the student and your parents/guardians) enter. What you’ll see at the end of the process is both a range of awards you might expect, and an estimate of the likely merit scholarship, need-based grant and other forms of financial aid that your self-reported information suggests you are eligible to receive.

Any student who seeks need-based financial aid must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The form is available beginning January 1st at

If you have any questions about the Net Cost calculators, please contact us at 800-848-5493 or W'=TR[!#_Ip2]\PXG]#[5g'=FOiuN`VuAe299.

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