Tuition, room, and board charges are typically posted by March 1 of each year for the following year. Fees other than tuition, room, and board typically are not revised until April 1 of the preceding year; therefore, the miscellaneous fee amounts posted may change.

Direct Charges for Full–time Resident Students for the 2015-16 Academic Year

  • Tuition: $30,700 per year ($15,350 per semester / 12-18 credit hours)
  • Double Room: $5,220 per year ($2,610 per semester, air-conditioned)
  • Board: $5,290 per year ($2,645 per semester, 19 meals per week plus $560 Flex and OneCard Cash)
  • Student Activity Fee: $200 per year ($100 per semester)
  • Total*: $41,410 per year ($20,705 per semester)
  • *Total direct charges may vary based on selected meal plan, residence, and if student needs health insurance**
  • **Students must waive or enroll in the health insurance plan by September 1.  To complete a waiver or to enroll go to

Direct Charges for Full–time Non–Resident Students for the 2015-16 Academic Year

  • Tuition: $30,700 per year ($15,350 per semester / 12-18 credit hours)
  • Student Activity Fee: $200 per year ($100 per semester / 12-18 credit hours)
  • Total: $30,900 per year ($15,450 per semester)

Housing (room) Options

  • Stuart, Matthews, Carriger & Village Houses: $5,010 per year
  • Weaver, Wiley Jackson, Sullins: $5,220 per year
  • Hillman (single residence): $6,510 per year
  • Cambridge, Prillaman: $6,440 per year
  • Elm, Hickory: $6,690 per year
  • Private Room additional charge (based on availability): $1,250 
  • All rooms include Wifi, Laundry, and Extended Basic Cable.

Meal Plan Options

  • 19 Meals per week plus $560 Flex and OneCard Cash*: $5,290 per year (Default Meal Plan)
  • 14 Meals per week plus $660 Flex and OneCard Cash* : $5,070 per year
  • 10 Meals** per week plus $520 Flex and OneCard Cash*: $4,590 per year
  •  5 Meals*** per week plus $460 Flex and OneCard Cash*: $1,670 per year
  • Daily meal rates are available. 
  • Additional OneCard Cash can be purchased through the CSA Office with a check or cash payment.
*Can be used at all dining locations on campus, Macado’s, and Emory & Henry’s bookstore (the Merc). 
**Available to Juniors and Seniors only.
***Available to Commuter Students only. 

Tuition for Part–time students

For students taking less than 12 credit hours

  • Tuition per semester credit hour: $1,210
  • Student Activity Fee: $100 per year ($50 per semester / less than 12 credit hours)

Tuition for Part–time non-degree seeking students

For students not seeking a degree, certificate, or endorsement

  • Tuition per semester: $970
  • Limit one course per semester
  • Student Activity Fee: $50 per semester

Academic Fees

  • Course Overload fee: $1,210 per credit hour after 18 credit hours, for students taking above 18.0 semester hours
Fractional courses are charged prorated tuition; take the designated fraction of credit and multiply by $1,210
  • Course Audit Fee (Requires Approval): $120 per credit hour 
  • Community Club Audit Fee: $60 

Course Program Fees (based on individual course of study)

  • Supervised Teaching (All Teacher Prep Programs): $550
  • Education Practicum: $100 
  • Applied Music Fee (Private Lesson) per course: $435 
  • Outdoor Program Membership (Annual fee): $75 
  • Kayaking, Rock Climbing and Backpacking (per course): $50 

Equine Studies 

  • Boarding Fee (Fall & Spring semesters): $2,500 per semester 
  • (Does not include Vet or Farrier expense) 
  • Equine Course Fee: $100 per credit hour 
  • (Supports Horse and Facility Overhead and Maintenance)
  • Mounted Course Fee: $475 - 1 credit course   
  • Mounted Course Fee: $725 - 2 credit course  

International Studies

  • Study Abroad Fee (3rd party programs): $2,000 per semester
  • (personal expenses & travel costs are additional)
  • Study Abroad (short term): Varies by Program 

General Fees

  • Graduation Fee: $200 
  • Vehicle Annual Registration Fee: $125 

Late Fees and Replacement Fees

  • Diploma Reorder: $50 
  • Late Graduation Contract: $125
  • Returned Check: $30
  • I.D. Replacement: $50

PPACA–Compliant Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance is required of all enrolled students at E&H. Therefore, all students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance unless an electronic waiver is completed. Students who need health insurance can enroll online at or call (877) 220-1790. Students who do not need health insurance must complete the online waiver annually at or the student health insurance charge will remain on their account.  

Student accounts may be accessed through the student's Web Advisor account. Additional information is available at or (276) 944-6105.

Note: These costs are subject to change during the school year.                                                               

Emory & Henry reserves the right to modify charges at any time.