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Ampersand & Admitted Students Day


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Ampersand & Admitted Students’ Day at Emory & Henry CollegeView a Schedule for the Day

  Apr 21st, 2017     — 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
 Emory & Henry College McGlothlin Center for the Arts — 30481 Garnand Dr, Emory, VA 24327

Learning. Doing. Connecting.

Ampersand is the Emory & Henry student experience where students connect what they care about to what they are learning—to design and implement projects that contribute positive results to our world. Ampersand Day allows us to showcase the work of our students to the campus, local, and broader community—and celebrate their accomplishments. Admitted students and their families are invited to be a part of this special day of celebration to see an inside peek into Emory & Henry College. After Ampersand Day, enjoy your evening on the Duck Pond Lawn with an outdoor dinner and musical guests sponsored by the Student Government Association.

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