Virginia White Lozier Likes to Fly

Posted on: Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 by Brent Treash
The life of Virginia White Lozier (class of 1997) has been one exciting place after another: Greece, South America, Japan, New York City, the backyard.

The life of Virginia White Lozier (class of 1997) has been one exciting place after another: Greece, South America, Japan, New York City, the backyard.

That is not so much a non sequitur as the reality of a life she loves and appreciates.

When Virginia left Emory & Henry she started working for Delta Airlines. She says she loved traveling and wanted to see more of the world. Her political science degree prompted her to visit some of the places and cultures about which she had been studying, and she wanted to see how the rest of the world lived.

Virginia was initially based in New York City where she lived in a tiny apartment with three other Delta employees. “Being based in New York definitely toughened me up.  It was a far cry from the southern hospitality I was used to.” 

She says the initial days of the job were a whirlwind.  “We literally finished training on a Friday and were being flown to New York City on Monday to start work on Tuesday.  We had no place to live and really didn't even know how to find a place. It was a crazy experience.”

Eventually she transferred to Atlanta, and over her 8-year association with Delta she was on call 24 hours a day for days on end. “They would call me last minute if a flight attendant got sick or suddenly couldn’t make the trip.” And because she was willing to put in the long hours she got the opportunity to make trips she might not have otherwise as a relatively new employee.

So she took every international trip she could, used layover time to cruise the islands of Greece, and basically never missed an opportunity to get her feet onto the streets of an interesting new city.

But one day her love of travel got caught in the jet stream of romance.

Mutual friends introduced Virginia and soon-to-be husband Casey while he was based in Louisiana. He is a pilot for the Air Force, so for a couple of years after they married they lived in Louisiana and she commuted to Atlanta for work. 

When her first baby came along, she took a 5-year furlough, but by the end of that break there were two sons so she decided not to go back to her life in flight.

Her sons are now 6 years old and 4 years old and Casey is stationed at Langley Air Force Base.  They enjoy being in Virginia Beach because it gives them plenty to do and easy access to historic sites and Washington D.C.  Knowing that Casey will eventually have to transfer to a new location, they’re taking full advantage of all the area offers. And two energetic young boys keep her running.

Actually, running has literally become a new family pastime. “My husband is a runner and my kids have started doing fun runs with him. Since I was starting to feel left out I decided to take it up, too.  We just did our first family fun run this past Saturday [Feb. 12, 2012]. It was a Valentine’s 1.4 mile fun run.”

Virginia says she learned a lot while flying, and loved being a flight attendant. But while she misses the job, she seems to prefer the type of flying she gets to do these days: flying from one school and sporting event to the next.  Her family photos are punctuated by giant smiles on all four Lozier faces, so it seems that after all that jetting around, the back yard must have been the perfect place to land. “My family is just too important to me for me to be gone from them all the time.”

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