Jimmy Kimmel and Toni Atkins

Posted on: Friday, October 31st, 2014 by Monica Hoel
For Nine Hours -- an Emory & Henry alumna held the highest seat in California, and for her trouble, she got to appear on Kimmel.

(This is a photo of Pam Kestner and Toni Atkins....not Jimmy Kimmel and Toni Atkins.)


Did you see Toni Atkins (E&H '84) on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE? 

Governor Jerry Brown was out of the state, so his number two person took over. His number two person had to be gone as well....and on it went...until suddenly everyone was out of the state except for California's Speaker of the House -- Toni Atkins.

Jimmy Kimmel had a great time teasing her about her extended stay in office (about nine hours) and Toni handled every jab with grace and wit.

Pictured above is Toni (on the right) with E&H friend Pam Kestner (E&H '83) in the  California Governor's mansion. Pam works in Governor of Virginia's Office of Health and Human Services and is the Homeless Outcomes Coordinator.

Read the Washington Post Story.

Check out Toni on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

Toni Atkins on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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