2014 Grad Wastes No Time Advancing

Posted on: Monday, February 2nd, 2015 by Monica Hoel
Tosin Sanusi isn't wasting time: she already has a promotion with the Department of Transportation in Washington DC.

It's one thing to get a promotion after you've been toiling in your job for year after year — but Tosin Sanusi (E&H Class of 2014) isn't wasting any time. The alumni office was thrilled to get an email from Tosin that exclaimed, "I got a promotion at Department of Transportation Headquarters!"

She was offered this new position and moved to the Office of Security from the Office of Space Management and Facilities. She is now a Personnel Security Assistant, dealing with background checks of all the employees in her building and in the regional offices. Tosin goes on to explain her responsibilities: "This involves sending or running fingerprints to FBI. They send back information about whether the individual is fit for the initial clearance to be able to receive badge and enter and leave the building without an escort."

She then works with a company that does a more thorough background investigation that determines if the individual is fit for employment.

Working her dream job...

"We handle all levels of background checks even Top Secret level investigations that result in the individual getting a Top Secret clearance."

She also deals with individuals who are leaving or terminated from the agency housed in this building, making sure they return all IDs, issued passports, badges and visas. "We work hand in hand with the Human Resources office. The overall mission is to provide excellent customer service since we deal or see every single individual that has been hired in this building." Tosin loves the work even though it's very intense. "I actually like going to work!"

She also says her E&H degree has helped prepare her for this work." My psychology degree has helped a great deal in this type of environment, dealing with  people every day and seeing if the person is fit for their job from the information that is provided or discovered."


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