SIGS in the Arctic

Posted on: Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 by Monica Hoel


This past August and September, Bob Boggess, Ron Shamblin, and Bill Shanks, all members of Emory & Henry's Class of 1967,  took an amazing trip to the Arctic region.  They first explored Iceland by car for four days, then after two days in Copenhagen, they joined a polar expedition with Quark Expeditions.  They visited villages and landmarks up the west coast of Greenland, sailing all the way to the northernmost settlement, just 12 degrees from the North Pole.  They then crossed Baffin Bay into the Canadian Arctic, terminating their expedition in Resolute, in  the province of Nunavut, Canada.

They say experiencing the beauty of Iceland, discovering how the Inuit live, sighting polar bears and sailing among gigantic icebergs was "fantastic...another trip of a lifetime!" 

And, like all good E&H alumni, they showed their college pride while on the trip, sporting yellow E&H caps that Bob Boggess provided. "Now," says Bill Shanks, "more people in this world know of Emory & Henry College!"




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