Adam Parks ('06) Is an Author

Posted on: Monday, February 15th, 2016 by Monica Hoel
Adam Parks is seeing some great success lately in a field that surprises him.

Adam says his peers will be surprised to hear his name in the same sentence with "author"...but once you've been published numerous times, it is a title you have to accept.

Adam has a blog called "Man, ALL the Feels" where he is releasing a book one chapter at at time. The book is entitled, Unemotional: An American Boy Story. He was recently published in Elephant Journal with an article about dating an "over-thinker." And he also recently had a story picked up by RVA magazine in Richmond called "The Old School Guide to Dating in Richmond."

You'll notice that he is referred to as General Parks on his byline. Adam is actually his middle name -- his first name, General, is a reference to a member of his family who achieved the rank of General. (For you history buffs, the relative was William Campbell of the Overmountain Men fame.)

So, expected or looks like Adam Parks is an author. And much of his writing is about encouraging people to be their best -- but if you're looking for milk toast, don't look here. Adam says, "I realize this is all quite blunt and somewhat vulgar language. But it is all real and raw and a testament to who I am and where I’ve come from. I think self expression and freedom of thought are invaluable and should not be filtered."

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