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Posted on: Friday, April 29th, 2016 by Monica Hoel


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Rachel Giesy Chesser ('93) lives in Charleston, S.C., and is a Development Associate in the fundraising arm of South Carolina's public television world, ETV. SC ETV carries the Create channel -- self-described as the "premier tv channel for how-to programming." Recently, this American Public Television station (carried by 227 public television stations nationwide) held a cooking challenge, and Rachel was thrilled that one of the top national winners was someone in her viewing area -- a Mount Pleasant resident named Julie Booher. She called up Julie to ask her to have coffee and talk about the contest experience.

Rachel says they were well into the conversation when she asked Julie where she was from. "She said Bristol, and I said, 'Oh, I went to Emory & Henry!' And I was thrilled to find out that Julie is an E&H alum, too!"

Julie finished at Emory & Henry in 2007 with a degree in mass communications. In 2015, she left Washington DC for a new life in the Low Country. The cooking contest seemed like a natural fit for Julie who says she is a "life-long home baker with experience in catering and working in a bakery in the heart of Washington D.C." Her buttermilk pralines with chocolate banana ice cream finished in the top ten in the nation, and you can see a video of her making the recipe.

The two women were equally thrilled to meet another E&H alum in their Charleston neighborhoods. Rachel said of the experience, "I should have known that such a dynamic person was from E&H!" And Julie added, "Running into an E&H alum under such cool circumstances made me fall in love with Emory all over again!"

Photos: Top left, Rachel Chesser. Top Right, Julie Booher.

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