Charlie Sydnor (E&H '65) Receives Award for Work on Behalf of Holocaust Survivors

Posted on: Monday, May 16th, 2016 by Monica Hoel
Dr. Charles Sydnor is receiving the highly respected Rule of Law award on May 23, 2016.

Press Release from the Virginia Holocaust Museum, Richmond, Virginia

Rule of Law Award to Honor Dr. Charles Sydnor

Richmond, VA - Please join the Virginia Holocaust Museum in honor of Dr. Charles W. Sydnor, Jr., Executive Director Emeritus, as he is awarded with the Rule of Law award for his distinguished service to the VHM and his years of service to world Jewry in bringing Nazi War Criminals to justice.

One of the central lessons of the Holocaust focuses on the centrality of the Rule of Law in the creation and maintenance of civil societies. To safeguard that belief, the Nuremberg Courtroom Committee of the Virginia Holocaust Museum in tandem with the Virginia Law Foundation established an annual program to honor individuals whose life and work emulate the highest ideals enshrined in the principals that established the Nuremberg Military Tribunal (1945–46) and later the International Court of Justice.

Dr. Charles W. Sydnor, Jr. is a highly respected historian of the Holocaust and World War II. He provided the United States Department of Justice and its Office of Special Investigations with expert testimony in twenty-one court cases involving former SS concentration camp guards and Nazi death camp collaborators. Most notably, in the case of Ukrainian guard John Demjanjuk, who was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder of 28,060 Jews at the Sobibór extermination camp. Dr. Sydnor has also served as the Virginia Holocaust Museum’s Executive Director from 2013-2015, and is still on staff as their Senior Historian.

Past winners of the Rule of Law Award include Eli M. Rosenbaum (2008), The Honorable Senator John W. Warner (2009), The Honorable Gabriel Bach (2011) and Kirsten Goetze (2014).

The award ceremony begins at 5:30pm on Monday, May 23rd. Admission is free, and off street parking is available.

For more information please contact Rhys Van Lienden at j&YL{9x[QEV+SICgOvdn/D}Kbtl]#[]z77h}^J2%EGJ%'W8fHP!4rTRgT.  

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