Tailgating Information

Find out how to reserve your Tailgating spot, and the rules that apply.

Tailgating in the "traditional tailgate lot" is only $10 per car...and spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

The cost for a tailgate spot in the reserved lot (paved lot behind the stadium) is $150 for most spaces. However, there are seven premium-reserved spots that have a particularly good view of the football field, and these spaces will be available for $250 each (these are marked with a red star on the map available below). This charge does not include tickets or passes and it is not tax deductible. This fee will guarantee your reserved spot for the entire season. You may choose your location and your car must have proper identification to be admitted into the reserved tailgate lot. Alcohol is permitted in the reserved tailgate lot as are tents and grills.