Tailgating Information

Find out how to reserve your Tailgating spot, and the rules that apply.

Tailgating at Emory & Henry

        Every home-game Saturday, an alcohol-free tailgating lot will be located next to Stewart French House. There is no charge to park here. There is an alcohol-permitted lot next to the baseball field. Tailgating in the area by the duck pond will be permitted only on Homecoming Saturday.

        In order to handle the increased use of our facilities, satisfy ABC license costs, and better support our E&H student-athletes, there will be a nominal fee of $10 per car for parking in the designated alcohol-permitted lots. All profits will go directly to E&H athletics.

        Tailgating in the “traditional lot” is first-come, first-served. On Homecoming day, tailgaters by the duck pond will also be charged $10 per car.

        There are also reserved spaces for tailgating in the new paved lot behind the stadium. Read on for those details.

        Due to ABC license restrictions, none of the alcohol-permitted tailgate parking lots can open for parking until four hours before kickoff on home-game Saturday mornings (please note time). These lots will need to be cleared no later than 2 hours after the conclusion of the game.  

        RVs will not be permitted on any tailgate field. Please note that drones are not permitted on campus without written permission from someone in the campus police office. Any dogs brought onto campus must be on a leash and must be cleaned up after. No dogs are permitted in the stadium or gym. Grills are permitted, but not open fires.

Reserved Tailgate Spots
        E&H is now offering reserved tailgate spots in the paved parking area behind the football stadium. 

        A tailgate spot is the equivalent of two parking spaces. Advantages to reserving a tailgate spot include a paved surface, and a reserved spot that allows you to arrive any time you wish on game day.

        The cost for most tailgate spots is $150. However, there are seven premium-reserved spots that have a particularly good view of the football field, and these spaces are available for $250 each. This charge does not include tickets or passes and this fee is not tax deductible. This one-time fee will guarantee your reserved spot for this entire football season; however, your spot is not guaranteed for future seasons. You will be assigned a specific location to park and your car must have proper identification to be admitted into the reserved tailgate lot. Alcohol is permitted in this lot as are tents and grills. This lot will open four hours before kickoff, and the lot must be cleared two hours after kickoff.

        Most spaces will be assigned by the end of July, so plan ahead. Contact Monica Hoel in the E&H Alumni Office with any questions: 276-944-6109 or XO4A-~e][|d'=M]#[FCw-mk|CD`mhyC