Feb. 6: Glenn Roberts Day


GLENN TN.jpgThe Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame webpage -- named for James Naismith, the inventor of the game of basketball -- has a whole page dedicated to Glenn Roberts (E&H '35). While others were trying out this brand new way of shooting, it was Glenn Roberts who really made it famous. Some even give him credit for starting the fad. No matter where you fall in that argument, there is no denying that Glenn's prolific scoring while using the shot was unheard of. In fact, it even got the attention of Ripley's Believe It Or Not -- and Glenn was featured in two different cartoons.  Additionally, the Naismith Hall of Fame webpage says the 3-second rule came about to keep Glenn away from the basket.

Emory & Henry has always told this story as part of its lore, and on Feb. 6 the College will unveil a plaque that tells the Glenn Roberts story and cements his important place in the history of basketball and the history of E&H sports.

There will be two home basketball games that day: the men's team will begin at 2 pm and the women's team tips off at 4:30 pm. There will be a short ceremony at 1:40 pm prior to the men's game where the plaque will be unveiled. During halftime there will be a formal recognition of the Roberts family and a declaration from the Emory & Henry Board of Trustees.

Prior to the men's game there will be a gathering for alumni of the E&H women's basketball program, and after the men's game there will be a reception for alumni of the E&H men's basketball program. There will be special activities at halftime of both games.

No registration required for the general public!

To register as an alumnus of the men's team, please click here: Registration

To register as an alumna of the women's team, please click here: Registration



Schedule, Saturday, Feb. 6:

1:15 pm   Roberts Family arrives on campus  (King Center Gymnasium)

1:40 pm   Special presentation to unveil plaque (King Center, Lobby)

2:00 pm   Tip off, Men’s Basketball game, E&H vs. Va. Wesleyan

Halftime of Men’s Game    Special recognition of Roberts Family (King Center, Gym)

Halftime of Men’s Game    Reception for Roberts Family and Friends (King Center, Porterfield Lounge)

Halftime of Men’s Game    Reception for Women's Basketball alumni (King Center, Dance Room)

Post-Game, Men’s Game   Reception for Men’s Basketball Alumni (King Center, Porterfield Lounge)

4:30 pm  Tip off, Women’s Basketball game, E&H vs. Randolph


Additionally, there will be a dinner on Friday, Feb. 5 for alumni of the Women's Basketball program. Reservations are required.

If you have questions, contact the E&H Alumni Office at '/kXs%Y5o13]0!]#[dvaFbkpuXo@Cou

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