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Happy Hollow

Media … News Coverage WCYB7 News 11…24…2008 Project Information County… Carroll Pipes Installed …Linear Feet… 7…360 Volunteer Hours… 1…700 Volunteers Participating
In order to bring county water to Happy Hollow Road, citizens had to install pipe, conduct traffic, operate equipment, provide meals for workers and more. Project Sparkplugs: Christy Bowers & Bonnie Bowers.

Osborne Gap

Media … News Coverage Project Information County… Dickenson Pipes Installed …Linear Feet… 23…100 Volunteer Hours… 1…000 Volunteers Participating… 10 Conventional Cost Estimate
Residents gained a water supply and saved $502,850. Project Sparkplugs: James Phipps & Jerry Mullins.

Strawberry Patch

Media … News Coverage Project Information County… Wise Pipes Installed …Linear Feet… 20…400 Volunteer Hours… 6…442 Volunteers Participating… 66  Conventional Cost Estimate
Residents gained a water supply and saved $393,000. Project Sparkplugs: Sandy Birchfield, Brenda Craft & Greg Lange.

Pea Patch

Media … News Coverage Project Information County… Buchanan Pipes Installed …Linear Feet… 47…220 Volunteer Hours… 6552 Volunteers Participating… 22 Conventional Cost Estimate
Most of the residents in the Pea Patch Area, Buchanan County have had little to no water because of the active mining around them. Project Sparkplugs: Garland George, Junior Hackworth & Ernest Breeden.

Congratulations to Carrie Hayden on 40 Years at E&H!

Congratulations to Kelly Library Technical Services Assistant Carrie Hayden, who just celebrated her 40th anniversary of working at Emory & Henry. She began as a library secretary in 1974 before moving to her current position. As card catalogs gave way to…


Visit the Emory & Henry College Bookstore's website, featuring course materials, college apparel and related merchandise. The Emory & Henry Mercantile and bookstore is designed to meet the needs of the college students and college staff as well as the sur…

Isenberg Wins Prestigious Theatre Research Award

Michal Isenberg, a December 2011 graduate of Emory & Henry College, has recently been named the 2012 winner of the South Eastern Theatre Conference’s (SETC) Young Scholar prize.

Thompson Shines Light on Moonshine in New Book

Appalachian moonshining in the 1930s was an industry that was born out of necessity and which grew into an international enterprise fueled ironically by efforts to stop it, according to a new book by a 1979 Emory & Henry College graduate.

Legacy & Vision: Timeless Quality Since 1836

In 2011, Emory & Henry College celebrates the 175th anniversary of its founding with a year of events aimed at drawing attention to the institution’s history and timeless quality. The theme for the anniversary celebration is “Legacy & Vision: Timeless Qua…

Library 101: National Library Week

Whether you love your local library, come in only when you need help with research, or just view the library as an electronic database aggregator, we hope that you will help us celebrate National Library Week during April 13-19, 2014. The honorary chair …

Ruse leads to honor for High Point Elementary School principal

**Story by Allie Robinson of the Bristol Herald Courier** Sherry King ('88) stood behind the podium and convinced her students to settle down into their seats in the gym. She then turned the microphone over to Washington County Sheriff Fred Newman, who sh…

Martha Emrey Exemplifies Liberal Arts

When you ask Martha Winquist Emrey (’79) about her busy, service-filled life, she humbly responds, “I do what I can.” But the real story is that you can’t believe what all she can do.

Shute Hollow

Shute Hollow was one of the many self-help projects in Virginia that sucsessfully helped residents gain running water in their homes through volunteer labor. Volunteer labor helped install pipe, handle traffic control, operate small equipment and carry o…

Emory & Henry College Presents Organist Bradley Welch in Concert

Acclaimed as "a world-class virtuoso" and "an expert at defining darks, lights, shadows  and colors," organist Bradley Hunter Welch  returns  April 1 for his fourth concert at Emory & Henry College.

John Emory & Patrick Henry

Following the September 1836 cornerstone ceremony of Wiley Hall, the Holston Annual Conference met in October 1836 in western North Carolina to formally approve the founding of Emory & Henry and to name the College. More information about the College's na…

Summer Sports Camps

Athletic Summer Sports Camps run every year at Emory & Henry College. Improve your child's game today with professional coaching and expertise.

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