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E&H Currently Presenting Roth’s ‘Speculative Conveyance’ in the 1912 Gallery

The 1912 Gallery at Emory & Henry College presents during September “Speculative Conveyance,” an exhibition of sculptures by John R. G. Roth.

Wasper Road Show

Two E&H alumni found each other recently while sharing a fondness for southern treasures; Ken Farmer ('72), from Antiques Road Show, and Betsy Farris Hulcher ('68).

Undergraduate Special Student Application

Use this application if you plan to take an undergraduate level course, but you are not seeking to obtain a degree.

Sewanee Tailgate

It was tailgate time at the University of the South, and Emory & Henry showed up to picnic...and to win!

Emory & Henry to Host Global Street Fair to Celebrate International Month

The Office of International Education at Emory & Henry College will kick-off its annual celebration of International Month on Friday, Sept. 5 with a Global Street Fair.

Sewanee Tailgate

Bring your friends...bring your snacks...we'll watch them sack the quarterbacks!

Shop the Bookstore

If your old t-shirt is worn out or you need to check out the latest blue and gold offerings, be in touch with the college bookstore, the E&H Mercantile!

Three-Dimensional Art

Sculpture builds upon additive and subtractive processes in a variety of media with an emphasis on three-dimensional expression.

World-renowned monarch scientist to lecture at Emory & Henry College

On the heels of a legal petition seeking Endangered Species Act protection for monarch butterflies, world-renowned monarch scientist Dr. Lincoln Brower will give a public lecture at Emory & Henry College Sept 10th at 7:30 p.m. in Wiley Auditorium.

Rachel Milligan, mezzo soprano

Mezzo-soprano, Rachel Milligan, presents this recital of works for the voice by Hahn, Schumann, Poulenc, Rachmaninoff, Britten and Mascagni. Milligan is in her second year as adjunct faculty in the Emory & Henry music department and is a graduate with bac…

Undergraduate International First-Year Application

Use this application if you are an international student planning to attend Emory & Henry College as a first-year student (freshman).

Visiting Artists

Emory & Henry College sponsors rotating exhibits by emerging and nationally acclaimed artists who work from a variety of philosophical perspectives. These visiting artists actively interact with art students during their campus visits, which also include …


Printmaking focuses on relief and intaglio processes and history. Experimentation is encourages with traditional and experimental techniques that define uniqueness of artistic reproduction.

Annual Giving

The College's most important and immediate needs are met through annual gifts. And you may direct your generosity into one of several areas.

Power of Liberal Arts

Learn to Think. The humanities teach us about what humans have wrought in the past and present with a keen eye on the future; more importantly, they teach us how to think critically about what it means to be human—and inhuman—in different places, spaces, …

Undergraduate Transfer Application

Use this application if you plan to transfer into Emory & Henry College from another college or university.

Art Scholarships

Emory & Henry College awards merit-based scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $20,000. These scholarships can include talent-based funds (Art, Theatre, Music) and are based on a portfolio review.

Faculty Handbook

This Handbook has been prepared for the convenience of the faculty of Emory & Henry College. The materials in this Handbook cannot be assumed to apply to any other employees of Emory & Henry College. The Handbook is not an all-inclusive document. The ulti…

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