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She's Caught the Attention of the NSF

A press release from the University of Kentucky tries to explain the science in terms we …can all understand… haven…t we all held a cell phone in our hands and noticed it getting a bit too hot
It's ground-breaking research that Beth Hudak ('10) and her team are doing, and it was just featured as a banner headline on the National Science Foundation website.

That One Time When Being Flip Was a Good Thing

Current Emory … Henry student Cameron Chase was being flippant one day…but it paid off.   During a conversation he rolled his eyes and said… …Can…t we ever get someone famous on campus
Cameron Chase (current E&H student) made an off-the-cuff remark that landed him a sweet summer professional shadowing experience. And it's all because E&H alumni like Toni Atkins ('84) are so darn nice.

A Poem for Gold Star Mothers

Debb Hirsch Clay …'70… is a member of the American Legion Unit 291… and her work on behalf of the Legion is a result of watching her father…s work as a medic in World War II. After she retired
Debb Hirsch Clay's poem has been a comfort to Gold Star Mothers.

Recognition FORE! Ronnie Woodward

Dr. Jimmy Stanley …'56… thinks more alumni should plan to play golf on the 9…hole course on the Emory … Henry campus when they return to Emory for events.
Dr. Jim Stanley ('56) is a big fan of the E&H Golf Course -- and its Number One greens keeper!

Salad Days

Will Wadlington …'08… recently shared a little tidbit… …You may like to know I just accepted a new position as Lettuce Breeder… fyi.… How could we not have follow up questions
Dr. Will Wadlington ('08) is doing research on spinach and lettuce that will leaf you impressed.

Matt Reedy Named A Real Life Hero

Matt Reedy …'00… was one of only ten people in the country chosen as a 2017 Community Hero by the ICMA. … The award was presented by the International City
Matt Reedy ('00) is one of only ten people in the United States to be given the title of "Community Hero" by the ICMA.

Citizen of the Year!

Anna Buchanan Martin …'86… uses this quote on her email signature… …Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time
Anna Buchanan Martin ('86) has distinguished herself as a community servant.

Kurtz to Head Post at Atlanta Regional Commission

After a successful stint in the office of U.S. Administration for Community Living… where she served as Director of the Office of Long…Term Care Ombudsman Program
Becky Kurtz ('84) has been named by the Atlanta Regional Commission to head up the Aging and Health Resources Division.

From Cerveza to Service!

When the fifth annual E…H in the City event started taking shape there were happy hour events in all the places yo…u might expect… Roanoke… Atlanta… Richmond
Who says you can't meet nice people in a bar? Sarah Gillman Whitney ('91) and Jo Ann Guthrie English ('66) didn't cross paths as students, but after meeting at E&H's biggest happy hour event they are now serving the community together!

Pat Huber Chosen as NRCC President

News Release from the Pulaski Patriot… RICHMOND … Dr. Pat Huber will become the next president of New River Community College… effective on or before July 1
Pat Bear Huber ('76) has just been chosen president of New River Community College in Dublin, Virginia. She is the first woman to hold this esteemed position.

E&H Alumni Class Notes and Obituaries

Check back often to review recently posted alumni updates. Also… please be patient as we are sometimes a bit behind getting new notes added. But please re
We are experimenting with offering class news on our alumni and friends webpage. With our magazine published less frequently, our class notes can get outdated before we get a magazine published. Please offer feedback on what you think of this idea. And if…

Dr. Ken Noe ('79): The American Civil War's Weather Forecast

When Dr. Ken Noe …79… was growing up in Elliston he remembers that weather played a huge role in the work done …on his grandfather…s farm. …If rain was coming
Ken Noe is a much-respected scholar in the field of Southern history, but his newest research project has come as something of a surprise.

Samantha Jones Jackson (E&H '11): Behind the Chemistry

Samantha Jones Jackson …E…H …11… is living in Iowa… Louisiana… using her chemistry degree to work on energy and chemical developments. She…s in the research and development section of Sasol
Samantha Jones Jackson has connections to E&H that reach back to her birth. These days she's putting her E&H Chemistry degree to work to make the world a stronger place.

Micah Morris ('09): Fighting Apathy

A conversation with Micah Morris is energizing. She says one of the best lessons she has …learned in life is that …Everyone can get together and make a difference
Micah Morris has found herself involved in the realm of politics and loves watching people get fired up for improving their communities. These days she's providing the tools to make it easier to run an election campaign.

Jim and Vicki Hatcher Snead ('72, '71): In High Gear

When Jim Snead graduated from Emory … Henry in 1972 he went to work for a car dealership. But his mother let him know that she …thought that was a
The Sneads are celebrating an anniversary -- not silver or gold; more like rubber and chrome.

Lillian Minix

Lillian Minix …E…H '15… is the full…time graphic and web coding designer for the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council in Ro…anoke… Virginia.  She takes care of the print and web design for the organization
Lillian Minix is taking her artistic talents to the Girl Scouts.

Stewart Whitmore Plein ('82); Rare Books Specialist

Stewart Plein …E…H …82… Assistant Curator for West Virginia Books … Printed Resources … Rare Book Librarian at West Virginia University… has received her certification in rare book librarianship from the University of Virginia
Stewart Whitmore Plein ('82) has just completed the work for her Rare Books Certificate, and that is a rare designation, indeed.

Norma Milam Garrett ('71) Publishes Life's Story

Norma Milam Garrett …E…H … Class of 1971… has recently finished a book about her life. Anyone who knows Norma knows well that this …is a book that needed to be written
This is no typical autobiography. Everyone needs to know the story of Norma Garrett's E&H experience and her life's accomplishments.

E&H Tennis Players Reunite for Eleanor Hutton's Birthday

Written by Lisa Countiss… E…H '81 A surprise 80th birthday party was held for former E…H Tennis Coach… Eleanor Hutton… at 128 Pecan… a restaurant in Abingdon
Eleanor Hutton turned 80 in November of 2016, and some of her best players came together for a reunion to celebrate the coaching icon

Susan Ratliff: 149 Sweets

Just about the time Susan Ratliff finished her employment with the University of Tennesse…e athletics program… she decided she wanted to be a baker.   Susan was a stand
Susan Ratliff (E&H '93) has put aside her life in athletics for awhile in order to follow her baking passion.

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