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Vinyl Revival

Melvin …E…H …06… is a musician himself… and used to play at venues in the Emory area while a student to make a little extra money…. But as he got to know the industry
Melvin Dillon (E&H '06) owns a record label -- but, unlike a lot of the big name record labels, Soul Step Records is all about the artists

Gift Establishes Endowed Scholarship to Support Future Teachers

Emory … Henry College recently recognized an exemplary philanthropist whose generosity honors two… former teachers while supporting students planning careers in education. Wanda M. Faus
Emory & Henry College recently recognized an exemplary philanthropist whose generosity honors two former teachers while supporting students planning careers in education.

A Story 140 Years in the Making: by James Dawsey

Renato Nascimento and Emory … Henry…s 140 Years of Missionary Service… By Dr. James Dawsey               Former Emory … Henry College student Renato Nascimento spent five days during November 2014 on a mission
Renato Nascimento is walking in the footsteps of Walter Lambuth and John Ransom.

Worth the Work

If you talk with Tess Teasley or Zach Triplett… you…ll hear the same thing about their jobs… it is difficult… the hours are crazy… you have to be patient about working your way up the ladder
Tess Teasley (E&H '02) and Zach Triplett (E&H '10) have spirits that are soaring as they climb the ladder at GoJet and Delta.

E&H Alumni Association Announces 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

The Distinguished Alumni Awards for 2015 will be presented on Founders Day… Thursday… March 26. This years alumni honorees are…   The Carl and Ruth Looney Humanitarian Award
The Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee of the E&H Alumni Board met on Feb. 7 and chose the 2015 slate of honorees.

2014 Grad Wastes No Time Advancing

It's one thing to get a promotion after you've been toiling in your job for year after ye…ar … but Tosin Sanusi …E…H Class of 2014… isn't wasting any time. The alumni office was thrilled to get an email from Tosin that ex
Tosin Sanusi isn't wasting time: she already has a promotion with the Department of Transportation in Washington DC.

Wasps in Monument Valley

Dan and Scotty Delias Zimmerman …E…H '63… '62… are likely to be found anywhere on the planet… but… bless their blue and gold hearts… you'll always find them wearing a bit of E
E&H Hats make the news wherever they go!

Wasps in Alaska

Jay …'99… and Sarah Elledge Webb …'99… shared pictures from their Alaskan vacation … and we were proud to see them sharing their E…H pride while touring the country
Jay and Sarah Elledge Webb show their colors on the road!

Lessman Gives Back

CPT…R… Jon Lessmann retired from the Army after serving 14 years and 6 combat deployments to Ira…q and Afghanistan. Now Jon is a Pro staffer for HT Rods and works with The Safari Club Int
Jonathan Lessman (E&H '00) is using his skills and time to help veterans with injuries.

Phi Pi Gets Reunited with Graffiti

Dave Culberson …E…H '70… has been doing some work to clean out the home his parents lived in for many years on Hil…lman Highway. G.C.Connie Culberson …E…H '49
Jack Butler, '69, was recently reunited with a bit of graffiti from his student days!

Gift from Tragedy

Kaye Matthews Sharon was back on campus in October 2014 to celebrate her 50th anniversary… class reunion. Now retired from a career as a psychiatric social worker
Kaye Matthews Sharon ('64) was E&H's first Peace Corps volunteer, but it was a national tragedy that put her on that path to Peru.

Spiegel Seeks to Transform a Community

The Roanoke Times' New River Valley section recently …11…30…14… featured an article on the strong work being done by E…H grad Lee Spiegel. According to the article
Lee Spiegel (E&H '84) is working hard for the youth of Pulaski County, Virginia.

Becky Edmondson Pretzel Serves CIDD at UNC

Rebecca Edmondson Pretzel …E…H '82… is the Associate Director of the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities …CIDD… at UNC Chapel Hill.  The CIDD is a comprehensive program for services
Rebecca Edmondson Pretzel (E&H '82) serves in a top position at UNC's Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities.

Spencer Moves Shoney's HQ to Hillsville

Brian Spencer serves as president of Young and Associates… an employee…owned company that operates a chain of Shoney…'s restaurants in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The business started in 1971 with
Brian Spencer (E&H '87) is using his position as president of a Shoney's franchise to breathe life into the business community of Carroll County, Virginia.

Smith Deployed to Afghanistan

Thomas Smith …E…H '11… is a long way from home… but he is serving his country in a most unique manner. Thomas is a member of the U.S. Arm…y… and he is also part of a brass band that is deployed overseas to support the troops. 
Thomas Smith (E&H '11) is using his musical skills in the U.S. Army, and he is currently serving in Afghanistan.

By Any Other Name.....Chick

  Depending on when and how you knew Charles R. Davis… you may have known him by a variety of names. He graduated from E…H in 1952… and …Chick
The Emory & Henry community has lost one of its icons.

Save on taxes with the IRA Rollover

On December 31… 2014… the recently passed IRA Rollover expires and with it the opportunity to make a tax…free distribution from your retirement account as a gift to Emory
On December 31, 2014, the recently passed IRA Rollover expires and with it the opportunity to make a tax-free distribution from your retirement account as a gift to Emory & Henry College.

Trail Blazer

The December 10… 2014… Bristol Herald Courier carried a front page story about an E…H alumna who started a tradition that her family plans to carry on. Penny French Garrett
Penny Garrett French (E&H '90) will be remembered for many things, but most especially she will be remembered for starting the Creeper Trail Ride to End Cancer.

The Legend of Earl Hawkins

If you talk with any sports enthusiast about Emory … Henry athletics… the conversation almost always leads to the question… …Do you know about the W…L game in 1962
When a legend passes, we gather to tell the stories. Earl Hawkins' death reminds us of one of Emory & Henry's most prevailing stories.

Bodenhorst Thrives in Holiday Market

Jeoff Bodenhorst …'75… has made a name for himself as a survivor in a complicated industry. When the United Stat…es seemed to be losing all its domestic textile business
Lebanon Apparel Corporation is not only surviving as an American apparel company, but they're also branching out into new markets.