Remmen to Discuss Works Oct. 14 at E&H


Van Dyke Center at Emory & Henry College — 30461 Garnand Dr, Emory, VA 24327

Manda Remmen, Emory & Henry College’s new art department professor, will speak about her sculpture during an Artalk on Tuesday, Oct. 14, in the Emory & Henry Van Dyke Center.

The event, which begins at 7:30 p.m., is being held in conjunction with an exhibition of Remmen’s work from Sept. 30 to Nov. 1 (except Oct. 8-13) at The 1912 Gallery at Emory & Henry.

Both the Artalk and exhibition are free and open to the public.Amanda Remmen, ‘Inconstant Certainty’ gallery showing

Organic & Poetic artwork

Remmen’s organic, poetic works range from wall pieces to free-standing sculpture to installation, in materials such as fabric, dirt, soil, plants, wood and paper, often embracing the environment. She is interested in how culturally and individually identity is defined by a narrative.

The recording of group history is fascinating to her because of what is passed over in its singular perspective. Each event from the past leaves evidence, proof of a defining moment.

This evidence varies in scale from the intimate—traces left by rain falling on one square foot of ground—to the global when viewed from a satellite, the palimpsest left on the earth when boundary lines shift through time.  

Manda Remmen's exhibit ‘Inconstant Certainty’ is based on Remmen’s view of maps as functional works of art. It consists of two series, ‘The American Infrastructure’ and ‘The Jeffersonian Grid’. In her sculptural exploration the materials, location and subject each act as a sign, the artworks being closer to the idea of a place than a true representation.

Anna Nenonen
Curator, The 1912 Gallery