Winter Weather Leaves Mother Nature Asking "Do You Want to Build a Snow Man?"

Posted on: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 by Brent Treash
A late January and early February storm translated into two most-beloved winter words – snow day! Find out how the college handles severe weather.

For students up and down the East Coast, the snow that piled up over late January translated into two most-beloved winter words – snow day!

The day off from classes was filled with many timeless outdoor activities. It seemed like a village of snow people popped up over night, and the tracks from various sleds carved out new paths up and down the E&H grounds.

For those who wished to stay in the comfort of indoors, E&H Student Life provided several entertainment options, including a pick-up basketball game and a movie night in Wiley Hall Auditorium.

For many employees, the winter storm did not equal a day at home. The Facilities Department featured more than a dozen workers who spent day and night working to remove snow.

The crew battled to clear nearly a foot of snow from the five miles of roads, four miles of walking paths and close to 20 parking lots that make up the main E&H campus. On the biggest day of the winter storm, crews started plowing around 5:30 a.m. and worked a 17-hour shift to make sure students could still get to necessary destinations including the cafeteria.

The impressive work of the grounds crew did not go without notice. The local NBC affiliate from nearby Bristol, Va. stopped by campus after the storm to see how we were digging out!

Additional Information:

  • In the event that the college was ever to lose power, residential students can access McGlothlin-Street Hall where a backup generator is located.  Emergency information will be shared in the event this becomes necessary.  Residential Advisors on each residence hall floor also will serve as a point of contact in the event the campus loses power.

  • Generally speaking, sledding on campus is not recommended.  For safety reasons, the building of moguls and/or ramps is also not allowed.  If students decide to sled on campus, they do so at their own risk. 

  • Communications with students about changes in the schedule are made via a combination of email and the various social media outlets related to the College.

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