Time To Make Summer and Fall Course Plans

Posted on: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 by Brent Treash

Students have their heads down studying hard for their spring semester courses, but for one week in late March they will pause to look toward the summer and fall.

Registration for summer and fall 2016 sessions for students on the main campus will begin March 28 and will follow this schedule:

  • Graduate Students: Monday, March 28
  • Seniors: Tuesday, March 29 (students who have earned 87 or more hours)
  • Juniors: Wednesday, March 30 (students who have earned 57 or more hours)
  • Sophomores: Thursday, March 31 (students who have earned 26 or more hours)
  • First-Year Students: Friday, April 1

Class standing does not include work in progress, only hours earned to date. It is also defined irrespective of the number of semesters of attendance. For example, a student in the third year at Emory & Henry may still have sophomore standing if s/he hasn’t earned 57 hours yet.

Students will also need to be prepared for a new online hub to manage this process. Previously, students used a program called WebAdvisor to plan courses and register. This semester, Emory & Henry College is rolling out a new student self-service and student-planning portal to replace WebAdvisor.

This new portal will be where students can tackle course planning, obtain faculty approval for courses and ultimately register for classes.

We’ve created a demonstration video to help ease this transition as you begin planning for advising and registration. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

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