E&H Puts Shine on Historically Notable Main Campus for Students

Posted on: Monday, June 6th, 2016 by Leah Prater
Emory & Henry students and graduates express an immense pride in the graceful beauty of their college’s campus, which recently was named one of the most historically notable college campuses in the country.

Emory & Henry is in the midst of such a positive and historic transformation, the type of which will be noted for solidifying the College’s reputation as an innovator at the vanguard of liberal arts education. 

Emory & Henry students and graduates express an immense pride in the graceful beauty of their college’s campus, which recently was named one of the most historically notable college campuses in the country. Because of this pride and this history, Emory & Henry works vigorously to keep a new shine on its stately campus, helping the institution as it works always to build a future that is worthy of its past. 

Among recent improvements is the painting of a nearby railroad overpass in the college colors. The painted railroad structure, which stands near the entrance of the campus, now bears the logo of the college and provides an attractive greeting to E&H visitors.

The painting of the railroad overpass is just one of many projects completed or planned for the campus in recent months. Other recent improvements include the following:

  • Center for Diversity & Inclusion Set to Open in Fall 2016

    Inclusion & Dialogue Center:

    The development of the Inclusion & Dialogue Center is underway this summer. The spacious, centrally located area designed for this space will be a safe place where students can gather, meet, utilize technology, and find resources and information about diversity, inclusion and equality issues. Josh von Castle will be relocated to the center this fall to provide support and assist with programming. The I.D. Center will seek “to create, engage, encourage, and empower a community inclusive of all.” To help pursue this vision and to design the new space, Josh has formed an advisory committee of representatives from the faculty, staff and student body.
  • New Ampersand Center Offers Central Location for Project-Based Learning Initiatives

    Ampersand Center—A Place for Learning, Doing & Connecting:

    The development of an Ampersand Center is underway this summer. This Center will be the headquarters for the College’s enhanced emphasis on project-based learning, which is the central experience for E&H students and is intended to help them connect their passions to projects that add to a deep, results-based portfolio.
  • Emory & Henry Village Housing Plans

    New Student Housing:

    Construction will begin this fall on a large-scale student housing project that will continue to make Emory & Henry one of the top colleges to both live and learn. Plans for new Village housing, which will be completed by August 2017, call for the construction of six new townhouse apartment-style buildings and two new resident halls in the fashion of the existing Cambridge and Prillaman halls. Together, these eight units will provide 206 new beds.
  • New Marching Band Facility Under Construction

    Stingers Cafe Update:

    We’ve listened to student requests and will be adding Starbucks coffee to the menu at a newly redesigned Stingers Café in the Van Dyke Center. Students can enjoy a coffee as they hang out in comfortable chairs near a cozy fireplace in what was formerly the Humphreys Room.
  • New Marching Band Facility Under Construction

    Marching Band Facility Under Construction:

    Construction has begun on a new marching band facility located near the college practice fields. The new facility reflects both the growth in the marching band and the growing popularity in Emory & Henry’ s music program. Emory & Henry College, a regional leader in arts education, is the only college in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference with a marching band.
  • Tobias Smyth Cabin and the McGlothlin Center for the Arts

    Duck Pond Rejuvenation:

    The beloved College Duck Pond is undergoing a facelift which includes patching the foundation of the pond. A temporary liner is being installed along the Duck Pond wall and is reinforced with gravel to keep the liner in place. Discussions are underway to begin more permanent repairs to make the pond an even more impressive focal point for the campus. Stay tuned!
  • Tobias Smyth Cabin and the McGlothlin Center for the Arts

    Tobias Smyth House:

    The restoration of the Tobias Smyth House, which was the home place of one of the college founders. The log structure will be reopening this summer as a gathering place for members of both the campus community and organizations in the larger community.

These and other campus improvements are carefully planned to enhance the mission of the E&H campus and to enhance the student experience. Other improvements include an upgrade to a two-gigabit wireless network service that significantly enhances Internet access and speed and a renovation of the first floor of Kelly Library to accommodate student networking with the addition of spaces for student collaboration, group study and social encounters. The renovated space will be enhanced by new furniture, upgraded technology and, thanks to a grant from the Virginia Foundation of Independent College, a coffee cart.

The character of the E&H campus was recognized recently by the independent ranking group Best College Reviews, which has chosen Emory & Henry College as one of 50 most historically notable colleges in America.

The entire E&H campus, which was ranked 11th on the list, is on the National Historic Register. The E&H campus encompasses 335 pristine acres, including a central campus of 168 acres and 167 acres of undeveloped land and portions of the Emory village. The campus is noted for its beauty as well as its architectural distinction.

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