Kevin Call

Designer / Web Developer / Problem Solver

Kevin Call

Designer / Developer / Problem Solver

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Kevin Call - Designer, Developer, Problem Solver

Hi, I'm Kevin Call

UI/UX Designer. Web Developer. Problem Solver.

I love designing solutions to problems, because ultimately, Design is the Solution to the Problem. From humble beginnings as a Graphic Designer to Art Director and currently Webmaster, I have been able to apply myself to the craft of design and continually improve every project I’ve ever been a part of.

I seek to further myself and mankind through the use of my design skills and talents—the humanities—coupled with the only skill I have that can be considered a ‘super-power’—being able to code—science. Paired together—my skills in science AND the humanities—I can produce work that’s compelling, machine-readable (and by extension mass communicated), actionable, and accomplishes goals from cost savings through efficiency to increased revenues.



Full Name

Kevin Will Call


January 8th, 1978 - Virginia

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Virginia Intermont College — Graduated May 2006

As a student focused on Art at Virginia Intermont College (V.I.), my eyes were fully opened by caring faculty & staff who gave me the knowledge and guidance I needed to pursue my goals. I consider my years spent at V.I. invaluable to my successful career thus far, and lucky simply from the timing — many crucial technologies of today were coming of age during my student years, primarily the web. When I graduated in 2006, Adobe Flash® was red-hot — everyone wanted a fancy Flash-based website in those days. I had freshly acquired Flash skills, along with solid HTML & CSS web languages under my belt, and a liberal-arts education that helped me make the right decision at that time and focus on growing my HTML & CSS knowledge and learning more open-source technologies, rather digging deeper into Flash® — where all the cool jobs were. I came to that conclusion based off of the simple fact that google had a hard time indexing Flash-based websites. I foresaw then that being in google search, and ensuring your website was machine-readable & accessible, was much more important than any fancy whiz-bang that Flash offered. To this day, this realization keeps moving my career forward and plays into my daily work, as I now leverage the power of the web and machine-readable, accessible content to drive and achieve business goals.

Leadership & Marketing

Disney® University — Graduated November 2015

During my internship at Disney World Resort® in Orlando, Florida, I took advantage of Disney’s® additional education and career advancement opportunities. I received four college credits for work performed in Leadership and Marketing specialty classes. The teachers and resources were of the highest-quality, fun, and most of all informative, leaving me with actionable knowledge I’ve used regularly in my job ever since.

Work Experience

Emory & Henry College

Assistant Director of Electronic Communications — September 2012 - Current

At Emory & Henry College, I play a crucial role in oversight of the college brand online, along with general quality control and accessibility of content — in addition to my primary role of managing the college’s main online presence at, and smaller, more targeted sites such as,, and

Duties Include:

  • Day-to-Day general operation website and sub-domains.
  • Research, Design, & Build-Out optimized and accessible micro-sites as needed, with a primary focus on enrollment, and a target audience of users age 14-18 years old. Recent examples include:
  • Identify, Train, Assist, and Manage 50+ website areas from all areas of campus, enabling experts in a given area the ability to keep that area updated — freeing up valuable time for me to work on big-picture, forward-thinking items and the heavy-lifting programing and development back-end aspects.
  • Produce or Assist with all web graphic and image needs with a focus on highest quality and smallest file size, including 2x versions for modern-day retina displays.
  • Manage internal Mac/Apple specific IT support to the Public Relations office, including mass-storage needs, archiving, and networking.
  • Setup and deploy back-end related testing & development web environments, including Apache or NginX webserver setup and maintenance, PHP, and MySQL Databases.
  • United Cross-Channel marketing of website news and events via Email Marketing and Social Media platforms to drive engagement and traffic that’s targeted and geared for conversions:
  • Administration of E&H Google Calendar network to ensure all calendars stay updated, have a declared and dedicated gatekeeper, and syndicate out content as needed.
  • Manage Faculty, Staff, and Student Worker website training and system permission, along with providing advanced web-skills workshops.
  • Big Data analysis for website decision making & goal tracking using Google Analytics, SiteImprove and’s heatmapping, recording, polling, and surveying services.
  • Work with 3rd-Party App Vendors to develop and deploy useful mobile apps for the campus community, such as Ellucian GO, YouVisit, Alumnify, and My E&H.
  • Program website content utilizing website best-practices and standardizations, including: MVC frameworks, OOP, LAMP, GIT.
  • Assist with cost saving measures where possible, with a focus on Ink, Print, Mailing and Labor Cost Reductions via migration of analog paper and PDF forms into online digital forms housed in Hobsons Radius, Google Forms, and via the website CMS and utilizing black logos and collateral — rather than full-color — are used on common items required for print.
  • SEO & SEM optimized content that’s compelling for the user, utilizing BrightEdge third-party services.
  • News & Events content planning, publishing, and marketing.
  • My E&H internal personalized intranet portal build-out and maintenance.
  • Ampersand Student eFolio Advising and Council.
  • Provide assistance, support, and proofing services for Print, Video, Photo, and Radio as needed.

Absolute Communications, Inc.

Designer & Full-Stack Web Developer - March 2008 - September 2012

Handled day–to–day planning and production of client projects Fortune 500 companies to medium size and small, local businesses. Requirements ranged from web site design, development & administration—including email marketing, web application development, and social media integration—to complete branded advertising campaigns & collaterals including print and video deliverables. Additional duties include:

Strategic Planning:

  • Develop Marketing Budget, Agendas, & Goals
  • Define Target Demographics and important Project Deadlines Secure Project Materials

Creative & Production:

  • Perform Art Director, Senior Graphic Design, and Web Design & Development duties for projects in both Web & Print
  • Work directly with clients to determine core problems and developed working solutions
  • Created robust and accessible CMS–based Web Sites that were friendly, accessible, and scalable, utilizing the latest Linux, PHP, MySQL, and Apache based web technologies available.
  • Perform SEO Services and tracking ROI
  • Administer local server network & off-site company and client servers and hosts
  • Produce interactive PDFs for web and email usage, along with Camera-Ready PDFs for print collateral
  • Produced & Distributed a wide variety of rich HTML emails for informative & promotional purposes
  • Procure client Domain Names as needed and manage DNS services


  • Ensure Quality Control and proper implementation of client branding and communication guide standards
  • Manage work–flow of design staff
  • Created & Maintained local and off–site daily backup servers for mass-file storage and access of company and client files with three-levels of redundancy
  • Utilize available in–house resources to produce campaign collateral
  • Bidding & Purchasing Agent Duties for Print, Web, TV, Radio
  • Copy Writing, Editing & Proof–Reading as needed
  • Weekly drafting of HTML emails, tweets, & Facebook posts
  • Media Coordination & Budgeting

Elizabethton Star Newspaper

Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer - January 2010 - April 2012

Coordinated with Advertising, Editors, Classified, Print Shop, Web Administrators, Camera Room & Press to produce advertising designs and layouts, to be presented by visual communications media such as books, magazines, newspapers, and the web.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Prioritizing, Tracking, & Production of Advertising & Print Shop Clients
  • Newspaper ad creation and layout for camera-ready press files.
  • Maintaining Records of Elements, Costs, Time Schedules
  • Direct Customer Service & Quality Control


Designer - January 1998 - August 2007

I’ve always wanted to have an art / design related career. So much so, that I've worked many years on numberous small projects for those who I’ve encountered that can benefit from my services. Not only did this help me establish a portfolio, but also honed my sales, marketing, computer, and design skills.


Professional Skills

  • 100% Complete
    Design 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Typography 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Confidence 100%
  • 91% Complete
    Branding & Quality Control 91%
  • 90% Complete
    Leadership 90%
  • 88% Complete
    Communication 88%
  • 75% Complete
    Sales 75%
  • 69% Complete
    Marketing 69%

Software Skills

  • 100% Complete
    Adobe Photoshop® 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Adobe Illustrator® 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Adobe Fireworks® 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Adobe InDesign® 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Adobe Acrobat® 100%
  • 100% Complete
    FontExplorer X® 100%
  • 93% Complete
    Google Office Suite®: (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive) 93%
  • 83% Complete
    Microsoft Office Suite®: (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 83%

Code Skills

  • 100% Complete
    HTML5 100%
  • 100% Complete
    CSS3 100%
  • 88% Complete
    SEO & SEM 88%
  • 73% Complete
    PHP 73%
  • 52% Complete
    Javascript & jQuery 52%
  • 38% Complete
    Python 38%
  • 26% Complete
    NODE.js 26%



Design is the solution to the problem — whatever it may be. Unlike art which conveys intangibles such as emotion, design must clearly communicate. I have a deep appreciation and fascination with design and it’s ability to communicate — especially cases where complex information is distilled down so it’s simple to understand for everyone (like a good info graphic does). My goal is to try to bring a calm and simplicity to what are incredibly complex problems so that the viewer is not aware really of the solution, nor are they aware of how hard the problem was that was eventually solved. But achieving this level of simplicity is not simple, and the quest to achieve it is a fundamental part my process, because I believe simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Art & Technology

I love art — both creating it and viewing it — especially art that makes the me feel an emotion. There’ nothing like standing in front of a real Rothko painting, or seeing the actual Mona Lisa, or some nice graffiti on passing train. Art is very powerful as it taps into our humanity, and has driven technological advances throughout history — by both innovation and refinement. When paired with technology, art and the humanities can form a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. Throughout history, those few who were able to combine the two became giants who’s shoulders the world was able to stand upon. People like Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs embody this fusion of art and technology, and ultimately, improved the world.


Text is the most powerful communication tool known to man not only because it preserves knowledge for future generations, but also because it is the interface between man and machine. Machines cannot ‘see” video or pictures, nor can they listen to audio the way humans do. Text can bridge that gap. Text is what Google can read, index, catalog, and glean semantic meaning from when created in the proper HTML format. But that’s just plain-text SEO talk. Typography is the skill that enables text to interface with us humans. Proper use of fonts can set a tone or mood for any work that eyeballs will cross, establishing the initial impression, informational hierarchy, and trustworthiness at a glance, while addressing legibility, readability & information retention, intrigue, and overall aesthetics as a whole. In many cases, photography is not needed if strong typography is in play — helping to keep things simple. Knowing how to choose complementary or contrasting font pairings is a skill I’ve honed through study and practice, and I’m fascinated by the minutia of letter-forms and the power & emotion a typeface conveys when laid out in a string of text.


As a 7th generation Appalachian, I was fortunate as a child to be raised in the ancient and beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia (SWVA). I grew up poor, but was richly blessed by my caring family and inspiring outdoor environment that left me with a deep appreciation of our natural world. I love to escape the office and explore nature’s wonders, and support causes that are progressing humanity towards greater environmental stewardship and respect for our natural world.


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1622 Holston Drive, Bristol, TNU.S.A.





Thank You!

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

~Leonardo Dá Vinci, Renaissance Man