Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl


McGlothlin Center for the Arts (MCA) — 30481 Garnand Dr.

Mainstage, Directedby Kelly Bremner

A retelling of one of the world’s oldest tragic love stories in which Orpheus braves the trials of the Underworld to rescue his bride from death.  This modern version of the story privileges Eurydice’s version of the story in a visceral, moving, fantastical journey through love, life, death and the difficulties of mourning.

Sarah Ruhl’s 2003 play, Eurydice, is a masterful retelling of the myth of Orpheus from the point of view of his wife, Eurydice.   Instead of focusing on the lovers’ relationship, the play is really about a woman’s quest to find herself and about the importance of her relationship with her father.   Audiences should expect the story to “pull on their heartstrings,” says director and chair of E&H’s theatre department, Kelly Bremner.   “It is probably unlike anything that they have seen before, and the eclectic quality of the show makes for a playground for designers and directors, alike.”   Kevin Dudley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Design and Production, is responsible for the scenic and lighting designs for the show, while fashion designer, Steve Curd, designed the costumes.

Tickets are $ 10. FREE to E&H students, faculty, and staff (one ticket per student, two tickets per faculty/staff member, must claim in person at the Box Office with E&H ID).