Community Rentals

Community Rentals brings together events in the McGlothlin Arts Center that feature performances and connections that our E&H faculty and students make within the broader arts community. Guest ensembles and partners from Southwest VA, recitals co-sponsored with local organizations, performances by our own talented faculty, and professional and artistic connections from near and wide round out this series of events. We invite you to come and experience these engaged artists and support the arts with your presence. Please check each event for ticketing prices and information, as these may vary.

Beauty and the Beast

A tale as old as time... An evil fairy transforms a pompous prince into a hideous monster as punishment for his arrogant behavior. Saved from a beastly eternity, a good fairy counters the curse with a spell of her own. The spell can be broken, but only if he can learn to love and be loved in return. Will a chance encounter with young Belle be enough to break the curse?