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The E&H Art Gallery hosts rotating visual arts exhibits by emerging and nationally acclaimed artists. Artist who works are wide array of quality art media and philosophies with the primary intent of introducing exhibitions not normally seen in our region. These visiting artists actively interact with art students during their campus visits, which also include a major lecture delivered as part of the college's LYCEUM program. The rotating schedule features three artists each semester.

As part of the academic program of Emory & Henry College, the gallery presents and interprets fine and decorative arts, providing knowledge, ideas and a resource for learning, research, and life critical to a liberal arts education for the College’s students, faculty and staff, as well as to the region's communities and visitors. The Gallery offers educational programs, including lectures, seminars, demonstrations, traditional and electronic publications, and innovative outreach activities, providing a valuable study center to educate, inspire, and increase understanding of art. The Gallery staff and Arts Exhibition and Collections Committee (AECC) develop, preserve, research and exhibit the permanent collection of art, which represents an emphasis on contemporary art.

Current Exhibit: Opens Till Jan. 12

Atlas of Thought: Ben Sack
Artalk: Monday, January 25, 2016, 7:30 PM 
Exhibit: January 12 - February 6, 2016

Fascinated by how individuals come to realize their place in the world—both metaphorically and physically—Sack’s work explores architecture as a flexible medium capable of expressing the unique space between realism and abstraction where interpretation and our ability to create meaning is in flux. Within this space, Sack, furnished with pen and ink, encapsulates both the infinite and infinitesimal. His work invites the eye to explore drawings of the “big picture,” to gaze into a kaleidoscope of histories and to look further into the elemental world of lines and dots.

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