Scott Boltwood teaches a wide variety of topics from ancient literature and philosophy, through the first half of Major British Writers, to Twentieth-Century English literature. However, his scholarly interest in firmly focused on Irish literature; he has written articles on several Irish playwrights, including Dion Boucicault (1820-1890), Augusta Gregory (1852-1932), Brian Friel (b. 1928), Stewart Love (b. 1934), and Frank McGuinness (b. 1953). He is author of Brian Friel, Ireland, and The North (Cambridge University Press) and editor of Renegotiating and Resisting Nationalism in 20th-Century Irish Drama (Oxford University Press 2009)). He has been a Research Fellow at the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages, Londonderry, and a Visiting Professor at The Queen’s University, Belfast. He is currently working on several projects associated with Belfast’s Ulster Group Theater.

Upcoming Research: 

  • Group Plays Vol. 2: Political and Sectarian Drama. Editor. Lagan Press, Projected for 2011.
  • Northern Irish Drama from the Second World War to the Troubles, 1939-1968.

Educational Background

  • B.A. — Cornell University (1985), 
  • Ph.D. — University of Virginia (1996)