Michael Gess is entering his fourth year with the Emory and Henry Bonner Scholars. As the Program Coordinator his duties include overseeing the day to day services and acting as a liaison between community partners and the students whom are engaged in thoughtful service. He is also tasked with leading Bonner Scholars in reflection and leadership training throughout the year, while also adhering to the National standards set forth by the Bonner Foundation.

Gess made the move to Emory in support of his wife’s coaching career with the College’s Women’s Soccer program. While settling in he found an opening within the College’s Appalachian Center for Civic Life allowing him to further pursue his passion for leadership development and helping develop relationships with young adults as they shape themselves into active citizens.

Prior to his move to Emory and Henry College Michael served for two years an adventure-based counselor for adjudicated youth. There he oversaw and implemented counseling, leadership and team building for George Junior Republic’s at risk youth. The facility is located in North West Pennsylvania and is on the forefront of implementing cutting edge programs within both the counseling and adjudicated youth fields.

Educational Background

Gess earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies from Westminster College, Pa. in 2010.