Matthew Shannon joined the Department of History at Emory and Henry College in 2013. His teaching revolves around a broad set of questions situated within a large geographic space, but deals primarily with the history of America and the World during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He teaches a survey of America’s global relationships from the colonial era to the present (HIST 123) and a more in-depth study of the Cold War (HIST 336). He also offers a host of courses that deal with various facets of the American experience. They include the modern United States (HIST 112), the Civil War and Reconstruction (HIST 307), the history of race in America (HIST 335), and a seminar on the 1960s. Students also have the opportunity to take classes on the Modern Middle East (HIST 164), the making of the contemporary world (HIST 305), and the World Wars, along with a Connections course on Iran and the “West.”

Professor Shannon draws from multiple disciplines when possible in his classes, creates an interactive educational environment, enjoys learning from students, and turns knowledge from the archives into lessons for the classroom. He welcomes undergraduate students of all majors in his classes, enjoys supervising honors theses, and advises graduate students working toward the completion of the History Department’s M.A. Ed. program.  

He is currently revising for publication his manuscript, titled Losing Hearts and Minds: American-Iranian Relations and International Education during the Cold War. His original research has been published in The Sixties, International History Review, and Diplomatic History. Professor Shannon is in the early stages of a second book-length project that explores the ways in which the meaning of “Iran” changed during the 1970s and 1980s across the English-speaking world. 

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Temple University
  • B.A. and M.A. University of North Carolina Wilmington