MLK Day: Book Signing by Korey Townsend

  McGlothlin Center for the Arts Lobby

Korey Townsend, one of the participants in the 4:00 PM panel discussion (insert a link here that will go to the 4 pm event’s description), is a former police officer in Charlotte, NC. His novel Imprisoned in Blue describes his professional experience. Books will be available for purchase for $10 (cash only) at the signing.

​Imprisoned in Blue by Amos Mac, Jr. (pseudonym of Korey Townsend) is a poetic composition of a Black cop’s experiences and struggle within law enforcement. It’s a personal illustration of intimate thoughts and questions that are usually kept in the confines of one’s home. This therapeutic literature is an easy read and gives insight into Amos’ life behind the badge. Experiencing his journey through his words makes this book a must read even it this isn’t your ideal topic. Amos Mac Jr. is a former officer now enjoying life as a citizen without the badge. He vows to use his experiences in life as a teaching mechanism through writing. Mr. Mac Jr.s’ philosophy is "words have power, but people empower the words."