MLK Day: "Learning to Change" Panel Discussion

  McGlothlin Center for the Arts Main Stage

This event will set the tone for the formal part of E&H’s 2016 MLK Day Celebration. Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s challenge for people to actively create a world where every person’s civil rights are honored, this panel discussion will remind us how we can respect the past, acknowledge how much things have changed, and move forward in hope that the changes that we have made nationally will lead the world of which Dr. King dreamed.

As we begin to consider systematic oppression in the context of our MLK Day theme, “Race and Mass Incarceration,” Randy Wilson (E&H ‘03), LaSon Green (E&H ‘04), and Korey Townsend (E&H ‘07) will share their realities by telling their stories of personal and social growth. Because change is a learned behavior, panel members will also teach us how to change in order to make Dr. King’s dream a reality in our world. The panel will be moderated by Delilah White.


Randy Wilson (E&H '03) is the Owner & CEO of Conscious Consultations Inc., a premier entity for connecting resources and strengthening and enabling collaboration in the communities in which we operate. Conscious Consultations strives to empower its clients through the power of voice and executional vision.

Randy also currently serves as the Executive Director of the Hope, Unity, and Freedom Center, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health Support Program. Randy holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with over 13 years of experience working in behavioral healthcare. Both a visionary and results oriented leader, Randy has been instrumental in expanding the HUF business model from 2 to 6 locations making it the biggest Private Provider Medicaid-Based Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program in the Central and Tidewater regions of Virginia. In over 12 years of operations, HUF saw its greatest success under Randy’s leadership. Over the course of Randy’s career, he has established rapport with local, state and national legislatures, as well as, created strong bonds within the Commonwealth of VA Healthcare community. With years of exposure and experience in leadership, Randy’s ability to lead, organize, and facilitate has been instrumental in his personal and professional development and success.

Key Accomplishments

  • Recipient of Style Weekly’s Magazine’s October, 2010 Issue of the Top 40 Professionals under 40 in Richmond, Virginia.
  • First Recipient of National Urban League of Greater Richmond 2010 Emerging Leader Award.
  • Nominated for the USPRA (United State Psych-Social Rehabilitation Association) Board of Directors 2013.


LaShon Green (E&H ‘04) played football for the duration of his time at E&H and in the summer of 2004 he received his BA in Mass Communications. He is from Martinsville Virginia, where he graduated from Magna Vista High. LaShon currently resides in Charlotte, NC. He works as an Operations Manager overseeing multiple lines of business for Optum Healthcare.


Korey Townsend (E&H '07) is the youngest child of three siblings. Raised in a two parent home, Korey was fortunate to have the influence of both parents. Their tutelage molded him into an individual who can't simply be described as a product of his environment. Korey is a former police officer now enjoying life as a citizen without a badge. He vows to use his experiences in life as a teaching mechanism through writing. His recent publication is: Imprisoned in Blue and is available through Korey currently resides in Charlotte, NC and serves in the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Charlotte.​ Mr. Townsend will be signing his book from 3:15 - 3:45 PM in the lobby of the McGlothlin Arts Center.


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