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My courses expand my awareness of social relationships and the world. I learn something new every day I come to class. 

—Jada Penn ’19 on being a Sociology major

Radford, Virginia

Explore academics at Emory & Henry College with more than 72 majors and 27 areas of study.

Top Stories

Shelley Koch

Koch Uncovers the Inequalities of Food

Dr. Shelley Koch has released her third book, Gender and Food: A Critical Look at the Food System. The book looks at different aspects of food and how it is affected by gender inequalities.
Aaron Barth

Getting to the Heart of Climate Change with Aaron Barth

Aaron Barth, now in his second semester as an assistant professor of geography, has aided in the study of geophysics and tracking the progress of climate change. He did this by researching and presenting his data on the last major ice sheet in North America, the Laurentide Ice Sheet, and how its ice surface thinned out over the last 20,000 years.
From left to right: Moderator Dr. Michael Puglisi of Emory & Henry College, Dr. Dean Sprinkle...

Emory & Henry College holds Mid-Appalachian Higher Ed Summit

For the first time in the Mid-Appalachian region, leaders of nine higher education institutions gathered to look at the state of higher education, demographic and economic trends, and workforce and career development needs in the region.

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