"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire" Graduation, 2016

Student Success

It’s about you
It’s about you doing something you care about. 
It’s about you being someone you’d like to hang out with.

Emory & Henry won’t give you answers–Emory & Henry will push you to find your own answers.

You will read. You will work in the community. You will meet interesting people. You will confront difficult issues. You will be enlightened, intrigued, challenged, encouraged, guided, and set free to explore. You will share and talk and explain your point of view. 

At Emory & Henry you will learn to be a contributing member of your community. You will find your place in a global society. 

You’ll discover that learning doesn’t begin or end with school: it is a lifelong pursuit. And those who join that pursuit are the ones who live the best lives.

Are you ready to live your best life? 

Did you know you can find E&H alumni in every corner of the world making every imaginable contribution to society? It’s true!

Government? Get to know Toni Atkins (E&H ’84) in the California Assembly or Fred Parker (E&H ’73) who is Washington County (Va.) Treasurer. Or Israel O’Quinn (E&H ’01) who serves in the Virginia legislature.

Education? Check out a story on Major Warner (E&H ’91) or Dr. Monica Jacobe (E&H ’95) who teaches at The College of New Jersey. Or Becky Edmondson Pretzel (E&H ’83) who is at UNC.

Art? Read about sculptor Vaughn Garland (E&H ’00) and Lillian Minnix (E&H ’15).

Counseling? Get to know Randall Meadows (E&H ’88), a psychotherapist in Los Angeles.

Medicine? Dr. Brian Wolfe (E&H ’97) is practicing in Boulder, CO. Cathy Cuskey Large (E&H ’93) is a medical physicist in Michigan.

Aviation? Tess Teasley (E&H ’02) is flying jets and Zach Triplett (E&H ’10) is making sure the passengers are happy. And check out a fun NASA connection.

Politics? Read about Micah Morris (E&H ’09) who has been involved in big name campaigns. Or about Art Scott (E&H ’07) who hangs out a lot with Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

Thinking outside the box?

How about the world where food and culture intersect with art? Meet Emily Wallace (E&H ’04).

How about planning events for country music superstars? Get to know Erick Long (E&H ’91).

You don’t have to graduate to start finding your place in the world.

At Emory & Henry, students are immediately given opportunities for research, exploration, service, and career shadowing.

Watch a video about some students who did an Ampersand project on museum curation.