Students get hands on clinical experience with patient care

Program Info

“Learning is experience.
Everything else is just information.”

-Albert Einstein

This is an entry-level master’s degree program for students who have earned a baccalaureate degree and wish to become certified athletic trainers. 

The program will provide students with a solid foundation in evidence-based practice, patient-centered care, healthcare outcomes, and interprofessional practice. Students who complete the program will be prepared to take the Board of Certification Examination for entry-level professionals. 

This academic configuration offers a variety of unique learning experiences for preparing future healthcare professionals.

  • The MSAT is a year-round 24-month curriculum that provides athletic training students with an effective blend of evidence-based didactic information, clinical experiences for skill and theory integration, and exposure to a variety of practice settings for athletic trainers. 
  • The MSAT requires continuous enrollment and is uniquely designed to teach students how to function in an inter-professional health care team that mimics the real dynamic health systems in which they will work.
  • Students will engage in common courses with other graduate students in Physician Assistant Studies and Physical Therapy programs.

One of the College’s Core Values is Community Engagement, which specifically includes health care: “We expect ourselves to act individually and collectively to identify and address issues of public concern through active engagement and leadership in civic life and through professions that contribute to the public good, such as teaching and health care (emphasis added). The  MSAT program is in line with the College’s vision of “providing the highest quality liberal arts, graduate, and professional education that combines tradition and innovation”.