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An accounting degree provides 360 degrees of opportunity.

Our students go on to graduate studies in business and other fields, law or the ministry. Our alums are CPAs, CEOs and presidents of companies, entrepreneurs, bank managers, real estate brokers, retail managers, consultants, and college professors.

Our faculty members include two tenured faculty members with 20-plus and 40-plus years teaching in the program, and two seasoned chief executive officers from the pharmaceutical and energy industries.

In the courses students will find a variety of learning experiences ranging from computerized problem-solving to competitive simulation games and case studies.


  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting

    To prepare students for a career or graduate work in accounting, and to help qualify them to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Minor, Accounting

    A student majoring in a discipline other than management may minor in accounting by completing Accounting 201 and 202 and four additional courses selected from the following: Accounting 301, 302, 310, 340, 401, 409, or Management 308 or 445.

  • Bachelor of Science, Business- Teacher Preparation

    To give students a broadly based background in business administration and to prepare them for careers teaching in secondary schools.

  • Minor, International Business

    A student majoring in a discipline other than management may minor in international business by completing International Studies 105X or Geography 221; Economics 151, 152, and 322; and Management 305 and 320.

  • Bachelor of Science, International Studies and Business

    To provide students with a professional education and an understanding of the political, economic, and cultural complexities in the world. To prepare students for careers in business, journalism, diplomacy, international law, or public policy.

  • Bachelor of Science, Management

    To give students a broadly-based background in business administration leading to employment or graduate study.

  • Minor, Management

    A student may minor in management by completing Economics 151, Management 305 and 345, Accounting 201, and two additional courses selected from the following: Economics 152, Accounting 202, Management 203, 308, 320, 441, or 445.