Alumni & Careers

Approximately 60% of our graduates will continue their education in either graduate school (most with full tuition waivers and yearly stipends) or professional school (most in pharmacy or medical school).  For details of our graduates click here.  The other 40% find employment with nearly all remaining in the chemical industry or education.

What our alumni have to say

Parker Wilson Parker Wilson

I am currently completing my P1 (first) year at ETSU’s Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy.  I was a chemistry major at Emory & Henry and truly enjoyed my experience.  E&H became a place that I considered a second home after my second visit to the college and was able to observe a general chemistry class.  The faculty were very supportive during my visit and continued this support throughout my time at E&H.  Being a chemistry major was very challenging at times but I believe it was the support from my classmates and professors that allowed me to succeed.  My choice to pursue pharmacy stemmed from my aspirations to help people. E&H gave me the confidence and skills necessary to be successful in pharmacy school. 

Samantha Ketron Samantha KetronI graduated from E&H in 2011 with  a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology. From there I was accepted into medical school at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, where I graduated in 2015. I am now in my first year of pediatric residency with plans to finish in the summer of 2018 and begin my career as a primary care pediatrician. E&H was key in helping me achieve my dreams of becoming a physician. A double major in biology and chemistry were the first stepping stones, but the advice, guidance, and support of my professors is what truly made the difference. While at E&H, I also received a monetary award that allowed me to do research for a summer at Wake Forest that helped fuel my interest in medicine even more. Other perks were being able to do internships at a local hospital, write a senior thesis that was also published at an orthopedic conference, and network with other alumni all over the country, regardless of your future plan. The faculty, staff, alumni and students truly care about you and your future, and that doesn’t stop once you graduate. Your family is here, always supporting you and always encouraging you.

Xueying Hai Xueying HaiI developed my interest in material science during my time as a chemistry major at E&H. Beyond the in-class portion of the courses, I had the opportunity to perform regular hands-on research work with my academic advisor, Prof. Michael Lane, on the corrosion of porous-carbon doped glasses. Thanks to the Friends of the Science research fellowship, I spent a few months at Harvard University as a summer research intern during my sophomore year. I worked in the Thin Films Mechanics Lab, under the supervision of Professor Joost. J. Vlassak and Dr. Han Li.  Upon graduation, I moved to Europe for a Master’s degree in functional materials and engineering in France and Germany. I now reside in Grenoble, France, where I will complete my doctoral thesis in magnetocaloric materials with Erasteel-ERAMET (industrial partner) and the Néel Institute.

Erin Griffin Erin GriffinI am a second-year student at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. I attended Emory & Henry College from 2009 to 2013, and my time at this prestigious college prepared me for the rigors of graduate school. I majored in Chemistry and Music at E&H, and I sang and played the clarinet in various ensembles. While my educational choices were uncommon, they undoubtedly aided my eventual acceptance into veterinary school. Most applicants have to apply twice, even three times before gaining acceptance into these programs. However, due to the outstanding E&H professors who helped me tailor my classes and schedule, my veterinary application demonstrated an ability to learn in multiple subject matters and environments. I not only learned how to write lab reports and apply logic, but I also performed emotion-filled musical pieces in front of audiences. With this wide set of skills, I was accepted into the veterinary program on my first attempt. 125 students were chosen out of over 1,400 applicants. I firmly believe that my time at E&H significantly contributed to my acceptance, and I am forever thankful for the professors who supported me and helped me reach my goals.

Wesley Higgins Wesley HigginsEmory & Henry provides their students with an extraordinary academic experience, however, what sets it apart from other schools is the commitment of the faculty.  The professors in the chemistry department and across the campus truly go above and beyond that of other schools.  It is not unusual for many of them to work after hours giving the students the best opportunity to succeed not just in the classroom, but providing encouragement and insight for their future.  Being a student in the chemistry department allowed me access to significant undergraduate research opportunities.  At E&H, I gained an understanding of what it takes to conduct dynamic research while overcoming the challenges and obstacles that come with it.  Currently, I am in my first year pursing my Ph.D. in the Materials Science & Engineering department at Texas A&M where I received a full fellowship. 

Samantha Jones Samantha JonesI’m currently finishing my PhD in Chemistry at the University of Kentucky, while researching and developing passive NOx adsorber (PNA) catalysts to meet more stringent EPA emission standards for lean burn diesel engines. Attending Emory & Henry College was one of the best decisions of my life. While at Emory, I was active in many different organizations. The leadership skills I learned in those organizations have helped me in my research, as well as in front of the classroom while teaching my chemistry students. If I hadn’t attended Emory, I wouldn’t have a passion for volunteering (a value that has a very long entwined history with the college) and most certainly wouldn’t be preparing to defend my PhD in Chemistry. Taking the first semester of general chemistry and later performing research is how I discovered my love of Chemistry. Although, Emory is a small, college in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, it has had an astounding impact on my life. The memories made while attending Emory, as well as the knowledge acquired in the classroom and out of the classroom have played a very important role in shaping who I am today.

Courtney Cruey Courtney CrueySince December of 2015, I have been a full-time Lab Analyst at Eastman Chemical Company. I work in the Analytical Support Division where I utilize Gas Chromatography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in support of the Polymer Division. The hands on learning and interactive nature of the courses and labs at Emory & Henry prepared me well for my current position.  I will always be thankful for the support Emory & Henry has given me.

Meagan McGuire Meagan McGuireI graduated in 2013 with a major in chemistry and minor in biology. While at E&H, I was the co-president of βββ National Biological Honor Society, Vice President of American Chemical Society,  and was on the Campus Christian Fellowship leadership board. I spent summer 2012 at University of Kansas working at the pharmacy school on molecular labeling for multiple sclerosis therapies with Dr. Cory Berkland’s lab.  After graduation, I enrolled at the ETSU Gatton College of Pharmacy to pursue a Doctorate in Pharmacy where I am currently in my 3rd year. I am involved in Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, American Pharmacist Association OTC Medication Safety, and Tennessee Pharmacist Association. I will graduate from pharmacy school in May 2017 with the goal of serving as a community pharmacist in a rural area.

Colin Roberts Colin RobertsI graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Emory & Henry College in the spring of 2009. I began my professional career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head EOD technical Division (NSWC) where I led programs focused on the research and development of high explosives for military applications. During My time at NSWC I conducted numerous research programs in support of our warfighters efforts abroad. Most notably I participated in a program to develop counter blast armor for the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected MRAP vehicles currently deployed in support of operation enduring Freedom. In addition to armor development, I headed an effort testing and verifying the functionality of numerous fuze assembly units used to initiate the 2.75” sidewinder missile warheads. In early 2011, I began working to develop the U.S. Navy capability to exploit and characterized captured improvised detonators. As a result of my efforts the Navy was able to collect invaluable operating parameters for improvised detonators during the disassembly and exploitation of nearly 400 captured assets. In late 2012 I began work on a program funded by NASA to develop a novel hybrid rocket motor for use as a throttable orbit correcting motor.  In 2014 I accepted a national security position where I currently conducts research in support of the urgent operational needs of the combatant commands. From the first day I set foot on campus I knew that my experience at Emory & Henry College would be different from any educational endeavor I had participated in up to that point. I began classes at Emory in the fall of 2007 as a transfer student from Patrick Henry Community College via University of Mary Washington and Rappahannock Community College. As a well-traveled student athlete I can say; move in day was very well organized and thought out. The staff assisting the new students moving in were very kind and accommodating. The class atmosphere was equally impressive I always felt as though the professors at Emory were there to ensure each student had an intimate knowledge and a command of the material. The main difference in my scholastic experience between Emory as opposed to other colleges was the dedication of the professors and staff to the individual student. I can remember countless nights when professors were glad to stay late to make sure I was well prepared, not only for their classes but for any other class I had questions about. The chemistry department at Emory & Henry College are very proficient and teach a well-rounded curriculum. Since my time at Emory & Henry College I have worked as an adjunct faculty member at a Penn State University-Altoona and I can say Emory & Henry College prepared me well for my future in chemistry.

Tracy Bish Tracy BishAfter Emory & Henry College, I attended graduate school and worked as a Forensic Scientist for the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) and I’m currently working as a Forensic Scientist II for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. During my time at E&H, I made lifelong friends, while gaining scientific knowledge that has prepared me for my forensic career. As a chemistry major, I feel that the dedication and passion for learning that all the professors and the other students possessed, only helped to further my aspirations in science and my career. Small class sizes, dedicated professors, and a community that stands behind the students is what makes E&H a great place to attend.