Tuition & Fees

Listed below are the tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Direct Costs

  • Program Admission Acceptance Deposit: $500 (non-refundable; the deposit is applied to your tuition).

  • Program Per-Credit Tuition (there are no additional lab or course fees): $500. Total tuition for year one of the CMHC program (three semesters) is $16,500. Total tuition for year two of the CMHC program (three semesters) is $13,500. Total tuition for the entire 2-year CMHC program (all nine semesters combined) is $30,000.

  • Technology Fee: TBD: $165/semester.

  • Annual Activities Fee: $300 (equally divided over three semesters at $100/semester).

  • General College Fees: $200.00 (graduation fee)

Estimated Indirect Costs

  • Textbooks: $1,800 (Estimated cost is for all nine semesters).

  • Personal Laptop Computer (required): $800 The price of computers varies widely and depends on model and configuration.

  • Living and other expenses: In addition to the above, students can expect additional costs for room and board, miscellaneous school supplies, etc. Living expenses can vary greatly depending on individual student choices.