Degrees & Requirements

Economics, B.A.

The E&H Economics Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, preparing you to better understand human behavior, economic institutions, public policy and the events that shape our lives. The degree provides students with a broad background in competing economic theories and is designed to prepare you for graduate study in economics, law, and public policy or for work in government, the non-profit sector, and private industry. 

The Economics faculty rely on the best insights from a variety of disciplines to address today’s most urgent challenges.  Behavioral Economics combines economics with psychology to nudge individuals and businesses towards better choices and an improved “choice architecture.”  Institutional Economics borrows from history and biology in recognizing the economy as a dynamic, evolving system.  Ecological Economics addresses the co-evolution of human economies and natural ecosystems, combining economics with Environmental Studies. Law and Economics utilizes a variety of economic approaches to improve law and the legal process.  Marxian and Feminist economics add a class and gender lens to the critical analysis and evaluation of urgent socio-economic challenges.  And, Econometrics allows for the mathematical modeling of important trends and events in order to determine cause and effect.

Whatever your interest, an Economics degree from E&H will empower your thinking through interdisciplinary insights and rigorous analysis.  We cover topics such as:  individual and corporate decision making, sustainable and inclusive growth, poverty and unemployment, wealth creation and inequality, financial institutions and the federal reserve, the role of government in the economy,  the changing American workforce, and globalization.