Emory & Henry offers a nationally accredited teacher preparation program.  All programs of study have been approved by the Virginia Department of Education.


The Emory & Henry Program is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).  The program’s most recent accreditation was issued in November 2021 and the accreditation letter and report can be found here

Commitment to Increase in Excellence

Our EPP’s Annual Reporting Measures for CAEP continue to show that Emory & Henry provides a quality teacher preparation program and that our alumni are making lasting impacts in their classrooms.  

As shown in our Biennial and Title II reports, candidates in the teacher preparation program have a 100% pass rate on state-required assessments for teacher licensure and a 100% graduation rate for all teaching candidates who are admitted into our program. 

All admitted candidates complete clinical experiences in the classroom, demonstrate their ability to teach effectively, and earn an endorsement to teach in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

As indicated in our Annual Report, 100% of our 2020-2021 graduates obtained employment in the field of education following their completion of our program.  

Feedback from our alumni and their employers is essential in molding our program to respond to the changing needs of today’s classrooms.  Our EPP works with the Virginia Education Assessment Collaborative (VEAC) to survey our alumni and their employers.   Our alumni and their employers continue to report that our program completers are well prepared for careers in education.  

Emory & Henry Educator Preparation Program Reporting 


2021-2022 Annual Education Preparation Program Profile (coming soon)

2021-2022 Title II Report

2020-2021 CAEP Annual Report

2020-2021 Annual Education Preparation Program Profile

2020-2021 Biennial Report

2020-2021 Title II Report