Graduate Programs

The Professional Studies Master in Education (M.Ed.) program provides students with three routes to licensure while also earning a masters degree. 

This can be achieved through the 5 year Master’s program which allows undergraduate students the opportunity to receive both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years, through the Fast Track program which can be accomplished in one academic year (two semesters and one summer course), or through a master’s program which leads to an add-on endorsement as a Reading Specialist or Special Educator.  

5 Year Master’s Program- Professional Studies M.Ed.

This program allows undergraduate students the option to receive both their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in five years, the last year being classified as a master’s student.  The master’s degree can be attached to most major and undergraduate degrees.  This five-year program meets the requirements for initial licensure to teach in the chosen grade or subject.

Fast Track - Professional Studies M.Ed

A Fast Track Master in Education (M.Ed.) degree is available for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a teachable area but lack the professional studies (teacher preparation) requirements.  This program can be completed in one academic year, usually two semesters and one summer course, and leads to initial licensure to teach in the chosen grade or subject.   Interested students should consult with the Program Director of the M.Ed. program.

Reading Specialist- Master of Arts in Education MA.Ed.

A Master of Arts in Education (MA.Ed) is provided to provide practicing and prospective teachers the opportunity to learn contemporary pedagogy in Reading and address contemporary and controversial issues that affect public education.  This program is designed to meet Virginia Certification standards for reading specialists.  This program is cohort based and implemented face to face or online with two residential experiences.  Contact the Neff Center for Teacher Education for more information on the current cohort structure.

Special Education- Professional Studies M.Ed.

An endorsement in Special Education-General Curriculum K-12 is available as an add-on to any course of study in the Five-Year Program.  This endorsement area will prepare teachers to better meet the needs of students with learning issues.  Courses cover the most up-to-date research on effective practices in the field of inclusive special education and provide students with a variety of practical experiences working with special education students and teachers in public school classrooms.

Undergraduate students in a field of study other than teacher preparation may apply for the Professional Studies M.Ed. program after they have completed 72 semester hours of undergraduate credit.

For more information, please contact Dr. Doug Arnold, Program Director, M.Ed. Program at or 276-944-6864.