Field Placement

Although student schedules are varied, prospective teachers complete field experiences as early as the freshman year, featuring an opportunity to observe and teach or engage in several different classrooms. During the final program year, students will experience a semester with a practicum experience and a professional semester that includes supervised teaching.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in diverse field placements in local school districts’ classrooms through early observations, practicums, and student teaching through the professional semester of the final program year.  Below are the courses in which students will participate in field placement experiences. 

EDUC 114: Introduction to Education

-Undergraduate students will obtain an introduction to the career of teaching and the field of education through early field experience and discussion. 

EDUC 115: Early Field Experience 

-Undergraduate students  participate in diverse field observations and teacher-aiding in a variety of elementary, secondary, and special education settings. 

EDUC 305/505: Human Growth and Development

-Undergraduate and graduate students observe Pre-K students to observe elements of human growth and development as a service learning component.

EDUC 401/501/501-B: Practicum in Education or Practicum in Interventions for Students with Dis/Abilities in Special and Inclusive Education

-Undergraduate and graduate students will complete observation and teaching hours according to their content/grade level interest 

EDUC 410/549E: Practicum in Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Problems

-Undergraduates and graduates will study techniques in evaluation of reading process, difficulties encountered by children in the reading-learning process, and diagnostic techniques used by the classroom teacher.  Additionally, students will tutor a struggling reader in the public school setting.

EDUC 421/ 521, EDUC 441/541, or EDUC 561: Supervised Teaching in Primary, Elementary, or Middle School, Supervised Teaching in Secondary School, or Supervised Teaching in the K-12 Special and Inclusive Classroom

-Undergraduate and graduate students participate in a completely immersive environment in which they are fully responsible for teaching in the classroom setting.  Students will participate in 1-2 placements depending upon specific licensure requirements.  Student teaching requires a full semester of actual classroom experience under supervision — including observation, participation, responsible teaching, and conferences.

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Emory & Henry was recently selected by Newsweek as among the Top 5 colleges nationwide for providing service learning and community service

Best Liberal Arts College

Emory & Henry is one of only a few Virginia institutions to make the Top 50 list of Washington Monthly’s 2015 ranking of national colleges and universities. The College is ranked as the top liberal arts college in Virginia in this guide — which has been praised for the metrics it uses in evaluating higher education—in part, because of the College’s historic commitment to community service.